Author: Angela Kariotis
Credits: Photo by Laura Desantis-Olssen

"Angela Kariotis is a slam poet-using herself and her voice as her best prop. No, wait, she is an entertainer-a rapper, a dancer, a mimic, a mime. No, wait, she is a comedian-like Margaret Cho, say, or John Leguizamo-mixing social commentary with hilarious stories of home. No, wait, she is none of those things-or all of them a-jumble-something all her own."-Sarah Hepola, The Austin Chronicle

Angela Kariotis is a Greek-American writer, performer, educator, and mother from the urban environs of New Jersey. As an extension of her activist work, Angela's creative works provoke thought and entertain, while aimed at cultivated social change. Her high energy solo shows encapsulate the legacy of social protest theater. She is called a "lithe and vital writer-performer" by The Star-Ledger, and further described by The Chicago Reader, "Kariotis possesses the raw energy to light up a small city," in what The Austin Chronicle heralds as "dynamic performances that are serious and seriously funny."

Angela pairs her unique background with modern performance art to produce a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. Using lyrical movement, gestural material, memorable characters--she writes in all genres of literature, prose, drama, poetry, and song fusing them together to address ideas of ethnicity, gender, and economic status. She discovered her skills at Seton Hall University while competing on the forensics team. She earned an MA from the University of Texas at Austin which is where she developed her first work. 

Her first solo show, Reminiscence of the Ghetto & Other Things That Raized Me is about ghetto-culture. It's about creating identity through place. It is dynamic hip-hop theater. The show was described as "Inspiring, enlightening, funny, heart-breaking and boundry-breaking...a new paradigm for under-dogs everywhere." by

 Angela has brought her unique performance style across America playing in venues such as The University of California-Los Angeles, Contact Theater in Manchester, UK, Legion Arts in Cedar Rapids, IA to New York City with the Hip-Hop Theater Festival.

Her second one-woman show, SAY LOGOS SAY WORD, is about being a first-generation hyphenated-American. It tackles struggling to straddle the gap between ancient and modern Greece. The show was commissioned by the People's Light & Theatre Company in Malvern, PA and presented by venues that include Queens Theater in the Park, Chicago's Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, and the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC. 

With a National Performance Network Creation Fund Award, Kariotis has developed her latest solo show, STRETCH MARKS, about becoming a new parent and being a new baby.

Angela is alumna of The Austin Project, Macondo Writers Workshop, and Poetic People Power. Her awards include a Playwriting Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a Puffin Foundation grant, a Tennessee Williams Theater Fellowship, and a  Lily grant. 



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