Anaka Morris

Author: Anaka
Credits: Oyam District, Uganda

I am an active storyteller with the mission to protect the Earth and learn from as many beings as I can along the way. In 2012 I began Imagery is Infinite™ Archives, which serves to document the conscious artistic movements around the world in areas that have been colonized. During my time in undergrad from 2012-2016 in Los Angeles I was working as a photographer and filmmaker in the entertainment industry and the underground conscious artist movements. I curate Silient Zine, which archives the work of artists I meet creating from the Source (rather than being an artist in order to oversaturate the media waves).

I spent the past six months in Cape Town, South Africa working as an archival documenter of the underground arts scene there. During these six months I collaborated with many artists who are pushing consciousness within their work, including Tony Gum for her exhibition in this year's Art Basel Miami. I published the second issue of Silient Zine, which will be online soon featuring over 30 artists from South Africa.

This May I will finish a documentary I am currently looking for funding for with 8 other artists of colour from the USA & South Africa by collaborating with artists in a Northern region of Uganda called the Oyam District. This collaboration between artists from colonized countries and artists in a place healing from recent genocide (at the hands of Joseph Kony & the Lord's Resistance Army) serves to create a whole new type of artistic archiving where the subject and the creators are the same.

 Besides doing projects such as these, I am developing my own forms of movement meditation and also find tranquility within the art of collage. I enjoy making murals out of collage work and also encouraging movement within the public space as a healing process for black bodies in particular. I am on the quest to re-learn my ancestral knowledge through artistic channeling.

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