William Fields

Author: William Fields
Credits: William Fields

"When I sold a couple of pictures to Steven Spielberg for set decorations, I finally began to believe that I was a professional art photographer."

William is the published author of Hermann, Missouri – One of the Prettiest Towns in AmericaHe has recently finished and is preparing to publish a limited-edition of his book The Four Directions - A Southwestern JourneyHe has three other coffee table photo book projects that are currently in the proposal stage.

 "As an adventuring photographer, I've been in dangerous places doing insane things for much of my adult life. I was on the armed emergency squadron aboard a U.S. Navy vessel in the Middle East before we began using the word terrorism to describe the threat to our ships and our crew. I've raced sailboats in the Mediterranean and in the inland waters of the United States. I've been to base camp at Ama Dablam in the Nepal Himalayas.  I've had cash ripped from my hands, by a mob in a remote oasis in Egypt (and escaped unscathed with most of the money!). My photographs of sea life in the Galapagos and the Aztec pyramids of Mexico have been set decorations on the Steven Spielberg television show, Seaquest, starring Roy Scheider. I've dealt with the fer de lance in the jungles of Ecuador and rattlers in the American Southwest.  I've managed to pick up enough Spanish and Italian to get by. I have at least a few phrases in French, Russian, Polish, Swahili and Zulu (a really tricky language). For me, it's all part of my process. And, I've spent the last four years compiling the photos and the stories that I've brought together to create this very special book in an elegant limited-edition format."

William is a full-time art photographer who has used an infrared converted camera to create most of the images in his new book. He lives on a forested bluff overlooking the Missouri River with his wife Louise and a dog named Smooch.