So the Arrow Flies (Film)

Originally developed at the Mark Taper Forum’s Solo Performance Workshop under the direction of Roger Guenveur Smith and further developed with director Casey Stangl, Larissa Kokernot and Melinda Hall. SO THE ARROW FLIES is inspired by real events and characters, including Esther Chae's own experience flying the morning of September 11,  2001, the arrest of a Chinese-American FBI asset on espionage charges, the life of exiled North Korean film star Chu Soon-young and the Korean Airline flight #858 terrorist bomber Kim Hyun-hui. 

So the Arrow Flies is about the intersection of the lives of four women: Catherine, an exiled North Korean suspected of being a double agent and committing treason against the United States; Agent Park, the Korean American FBI who discovers and exposes Catherine's espionage scheme; Mrs. Park, the elderly first generation mother of Agent Park; and Mina, the 12-year-old daughter Catherine. The performance takes the audience through Agent Park's interrogation of Catherine and detention of her daughter Mina, all the while as Mrs. Park serves as a narrator of the performance and shares her wisdom and insight with the audience. With only a turn on a chair, Esther K. Chae plays all 4 roles to explore a breadth of topics including political ideology, controversial political policies, immigration, Asian American identity, love, family, and hubris.

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