PERKS for 'Eco-Baroque in Mongolia'

  Bruce Conkle/Marne Lucas Bruce Conkle, Marne Lucas ©2010 Conkle/Lucas      Bruce Conkle Bruce Conkle ©2010 Bruce onkleMarne Lucas Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas ©2010 Conkle/Lucas

Please peruse and enjoy the perks for contributing to Eco-Baroque in Mongolia. XO ML

$10 Everyone who donates any amount will receive A Special Thanks mention on our Eco-Baroque website.
$25 A signed copy of our catalog "Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque".
$50 A hand drawn postcard from Mongolia!
$100 An Eco-Baroque 'Moss Pot', includes Pacific Northwest moss.
$250 A studio visit with Marne Lucas or Bruce Conkle. + catalog and whatever fun artist swag we might have.
$500 A signed print (edition 25) of a photograph by Marne Lucas  'East Coast, West Coast'
-or- A signed print (edition 25) of a drawing by Bruce Conkle + catalog. 
$1,000  A framed 11 x14" photograph from 'Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque' by Conkle & Lucas. Either 'MLSP Reputation' -or- 'Geniusland 8' (edition of 10) + Catalog.
$2,500 A one of a kind 'Philosopher's Burl', the ultimate icon for nature worshippers. (Size, shape and metal-leaf vary) + Studio visit + Catalog.
$5,000 On-location custom photography portrait by Marne Lucas. Includes sitting, online gallery and 11 x14" print. (travel + lodging are extra, covered by donor) + original drawing by Bruce Conkle + catalog.

XO Marne

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