Vicki Ross


Award Winners

V.N.Ross "Bloody Caesar", pastel 2013V.N.Ross "Absinthe", pastel 2013V.N.Ross "Mary and Delys in Salzburg", pastel 2013V.N.Ross "Sleepyheads", pastel 2013V.N .Ross "So Koi", pastel 2007V.N.Ross "Attitude", pastel 2006V.N.Ross "Me", pastel 2008V.N.Ross "Peony", oil 2009V.N.Ross "Stephanie and Hunter," oil 2013

Vicki started her career as a needlecraft specialist and designer both for her own company, NeedleWorks, and several other industry leaders including Leisure Arts, Paragon Needlecraft, Coats and Clark, to name a few.

This design specialty led her next into a lucrative 15 year career in graphic designer/art director in advertising and marketing. her company, Ross Marketing won several Addy awards during this time.

After a life changing event in 2001 when her house burned on Christmas morning and took the life of her 14 year old daughter, Sarah, Vicki channeled her creative focus into fine art.

Ever the entrepreneur, she credits the learning of art for saving her life, and founded MyArtTutor, Inc., to help others find their healing Zen Zone in the midst of life changes. She worked with art tutors all over the world to develop art workshops that could be delivered through the Internet. 

In 2013 the company reorganized as to include creative writing, needlecraft and knit and crochet patterns.

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