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naked. is a dance theatre exploration of the non-sexualized nude body embedded in an art happing.

A live film and time-lapse performance in three movements exploring the radically varying rhythms of SF's Civic Center Plaza.

New music and dance theater work portraying the sonic and political nature of security alarms, being presented in REDCAT’s Fall Studio.

Tableau, Tempest and Tango features images in piano music: Russian emigre David Finko, Richard Brodhead, and Pictures at an Exhibition.

by Barbara Noah

Artist Trust Humber Lifetime Artistic Achievement

"Likely Stories" is a series of pigment prints of metaphoric objects in distant skies, alluding to aspiration and transcendence with humor.

Arjun is a film that will push the limits of student filmmaking and defy genres by realizing an American-style Action movie in Hindi

Jed, a post-apocalyptic weapons engineer runs into a distressed traveler who drags him into a mess much bigger than he had anticipated.

I am raising funds to produce my first original EP and music video, launching my career as a singer-songwriter!