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Reaching for the Stars is a documentary about the stories of Asian American actors in Hollywood.

What's your sign? Bring this quirky and entertaining reinterpretation of the Zodiac to life.

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney, Kem Weber, Furniture Design, Disney, Mid-Century Architecture, Chair, Modernism, museum, book, art

We want to make a change, to give the youth a tool that doesn’t have a trigger or a jail sentence attached to it, but endless possibilities

Kathleen Sheard, has undertaken the Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture to raise awareness for dangers to sea turtles.

A series of fifteen recycled bullet-proof vests. Vests will be individually- manipulated (distressed, collaged, painted)

Recording of PAUL'S CASE, one act opera by composer Gregory Spears based on classic Willa Cather short story, with world premiere cast.

WE NEED YOU! There is a lot that goes into the making of a movie. This film is a bit of an ode to the Emanuel AME Church shooting in SC.

Theatre in the Merry Go-Round "An Illegal Start" is uniquely staged journey spawned from tragedy into a deep, touching tale of friendship.