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Mid Atlantic Arts USArtists International

THE AЯTS investigates the history of public funding for the arts and culture in the United States.

“Miami is Nice” is a group art exhibition, queer performance series, and gay wedding celebration inspired by The Golden Girls.

Deep in the woods, a blissful young wife meets an androgynous vagabond, who changes her life forever.

We are creating an anthology series, akin to the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, but for YouTube. 10 terrifying tales by 10 filmmakers.

An audio/visual soundscape project of skating; using the scale of sounds from steel on ice to compose an engulfing escapist adventure.

Help cover framing and printing expenses for my first solo photographic show in a recognized art museum.

Our 100-person unison performance for the ocean during a solar eclipse August 21 in Newport, RI lost funding. Help us make up the shortfall.

The Sexism Project is an interview and photographic portrait series beginning with female subjects in the New Orleans music community.

An evening of three live radio plays based on stories of families in Miami, Los Angeles and Cedar Rapids who are hungry for change.