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by DrM...

Finally we as afro Cuban Music students have a chance to interact with the musicians of Cuba.


Maya's Mind is making its way to Washington DC to be on display at the Smithsonian.


Singularity is a large scale interactive art piece that will debut at All Of Us Event and Burning Man the end of August this year.

“Feral Flower” is a life-affirming musical album. In it, I explore queerness, Earth, dreams, the Unseen, & hope.

To fund the publication I will need approximately $5,000, and would be very grateful to donors who contribute towards this goal.

by S A I T

A sophomore release by S A I T. Themes: patience, faith, struggle, brokenness, vulnerability.


An Untold Love Story Uncovered From the Ruins of WWII

TEETER is a gigantic human-powered kinetic light sculpture that is a four person teeter-totter debuting at Burning Man 2018.

Hiplife; The Movement, is a documentary film covering the transformation of music in Ghana that fused hip-hop with highlife music.