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A continuation of my senior thesis, a rotoscope animation on forms of dance. My goal is to challenge expression through forms.

A three-day workshopping event for artists, worship leaders, and pastors seeking to integrate creativity and art into worship settings.

Bloom is returning to Burning Man in 2018.

Cellist, performer, composer, and producer in pursuit for higher education at an international music school in Berlin, Germany

Enslaved by their genetics. Oppressed by their creators. Fighting for their humanity. Resistance risks everything.

Ever have a a terrible date? Things couldn’t get worse until you're pursued by an unrelenting psychopath. Bobby and Susie feel your pain.

Feature Film Where is it Laura? Logline: Laura has something Angel wants, but there is something Laura wants, it’s revenge.

Monkey Car is inspired by the legends of Hanuman and the Chinese Monkey King as fierce and loyal warriors of goodness and nobility.

by Jaren

My request is for funds to provide 10 paintings for Hamilton Families, new facility, which provides aid, shelter & meals to the homeless!