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Please join BAD REP's fluid family and with us attempt to hold a light unto darkness thru art with love, humor, and righteous determination,

//TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY is excited to announce PYLON III, our most ambitious project to date! Feb 8th & 9th at the Cornish Playhouse.

KLUTZ is an exploration of destabilizing nonsense on the sick state of the American psyche utilizing live performance, video and music.

I am exploring whether ivy plants and lizards have secrets about the contemporary human more so than dominant culture uncans on our behalf.

Move Over Murdock! Fake News is Now a Musical!

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney, Kem Weber, Furniture Design, Disney, Mid-Century Architecture, Chair, Modernism, museum, book, art

Factory Obscura is a collective of artists and community builders creating large-scale immersive art experiences in Oklahoma City.

by Nicola

Four-Poster Bed, inspired by Celtic knot-work; to be fabricated in copper and iron. Will have lights and water-fountains.

Inspire America by helping David Heatwole launch a very special project where children help make 2 murals simply by adding their handprints.