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Padma Sherni Inc. has collaborated with artists on an 8 song CD & songbook for music and literacy promotion for preschool age children.

The star football player & captain was murdered the same day his team won the city high school football title. 3 teammates deal with tragedy

Watch how the lives of different people cross paths on a daily basis, and see how their lives are altered or saved through Love & Grace

A maze-like sculptural installation with LED lights reflecting off corrugated plastic walls, creating colored light-lines in space.

What if a recently laid-off public school art teacher decided to rob a Colorado weed dispensary to revive the art program at the school?

A 20 foot long, kinetic, steel, mobile, balanced on a single point; the sculpture is a mythical writing teacher, surrounded by its pupils.

HAIIILABS is an experimental open studio concept to be located in the heart of Miami created by interdisciplinary artist Haiiileen.

Digital Dalang: Shadows Out of Time is an interactive Indonesian shadow puppet theatre that will debut at Burning Man 2018.

Larry Harvey iRobot 2018