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New music and dance theater work portraying the sonic and political nature of security alarms, being presented in REDCAT’s Fall Studio.

Five church members, Two pianos, six benches, and a whole lot of Tupperware.


Please join BAD REP's fluid family and with us attempt to hold a light unto darkness thru art with love, humor, and righteous determination,

"Terminal Lucidity" is a noisy theatrical response to the assault on human and civil rights underway in the U.S. now.

We are raising funds to produce Lebensraum, in which a German Chancellor invites 6,000,000 Jews to return to Germany with full citizenship.

Macabre musical puppet ballet based on eyewitness accounts of The Mothman sightings of 1966-1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Harlem Voices is a musical about the lives and loves of the people who work at a racially segregated Black Jay Club, a 1920s era speakeasy.

Theatre in the Merry Go-Round "An Illegal Start" is uniquely staged journey spawned from tragedy into a deep, touching tale of friendship.

Move Over Murdock! Fake News is Now a Musical!