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A site-specific play in a pre-demo property questioning the meaning of "progress" and how that meaning shows up in our lives as Seattleites.

Nightswimming is a theatre-dance-opera hybrid that tells the story of two outsiders looking for home on a road trip in the US in the 1970s.

The Dancingmaster is a musical portrait of the legendary contradance caller, Dudley Laufman, featuring the talents of Keith Murphy.

UNSCHOOLED, a Comedic 30-Minute series pilot, navigates the world of sex education through virgin eyes...literally.

Sod House Theater will tour a bluegrass version of An Enemy of the People to 4 rural MN towns with professional and community actors

CUSTODY 2017 Without your support, CUSTODY, might not make it to the court of public opinion. Make your tax deductible donation now.

Seattle based Funk-Hop band dedicated to creating a full scale opera.

Edison, a new play by Joshua Logan Walker, seeks support to propel the story of Nikola Tesla in a wide array of European Theatre Festivals.