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We believe housing is a Human Right. Join us in raising Sonoma County's first Tiny House Village by the people, for the people.

The Temple of Love is an interactive temple; to celebrate and explore the languages of love as well as the principles of Burning Man.

Light Years Away is a naturally and supernaturally inspired interactive sculpture symbolizing the boundary between the known and the unknown

The Utah Builders Community is a collective of artists and builders that is bringing The Temple of Awareness to Burning Man 2017.

Why do we fantasize about time travel? A life of regrets? A longing to explore the unknown? The Time Travelers Elevator asks that question.

The Temple is a place of refuge, mourning, and healing. The burn on the final night is a solemn ritual; a cleansing, a rite of passage.

We're creating a 6' Japanese intention setting Daruma doll for Burning Man 2017! Burners will set goals & interact with the Daruma on-playa.

by KL/LK

Lama Earthwork is a site specific design/build project near Taos, NM: A collaboration of Katherine Lam, Liz Koerner + HEREKEKE Arts Center.

A Bloom of a thousand glowing jellyfish floating above the Black Rock City.