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“Miami is Nice” is a group art exhibition, queer performance series, and gay wedding celebration inspired by The Golden Girls.

Soprano Heather Fetrow and pianist Mila Henry embark on Voices of Women: From Unknown to Renowned a full-length album and concert series.

I make murals that confidently defy the darkest voices that present themselves to us. YOU ARE LOVED. It transforms community and culture.

Build a workshop for future creation, collaboration and community support and produce 3 furniture art pieces for larger scale distribution

The Sexism Project is an interview and photographic portrait series beginning with female subjects in the New Orleans music community.

The community provides art to display in hand crafted tin frames which are stacked to form a powerful pyramid & collage to honour life.

An evening of three live radio plays based on stories of families in Miami, Los Angeles and Cedar Rapids who are hungry for change.

Chicago artist will reimagine and repaint an old neighborhood mural using an altered translation of the original theme, butterflies.

Feminist performance group Sam Tower + Ensemble brings Strange Tenants, a dance theatre psycho thriller, to the 2017 Philly Fringe Festival.