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Please support Thula Sizwe tribe leader, Abel, by funding his journey to Williamsport, PA so that he can work with the local school choirs.

Continue working on the painting series "this is not a woman" and "mirrors" working to study the inequality and abuse of women in society

E.S.P. TV is outfitting a mobile broadcast van to embark on a nationwide tour this Spring. With your help, we'll be heading to your town.

Set in Hollywood 1937, "Unmentionables" reveals the hidden flesh, blood and dirt that stars are made of...

A play about suicide and religious faith, premiering at The Chocolate Factory this March

Inspired by the life and artwork of Romaine Brooks, "20 Rue Jacob" is a multi-media, immersive theater performance in Richmond, VA.

This is an installation artwork using Arab artistic traditions in depicting spiritual spaces of women.

ChoralFest USA, held in New York City, will feature dozens of choirs from the New York region and beyond, singing in a FREE marathon concert

A survey of photographic work exhibited in book form.