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Jack Kerouac was an awful role model -- so why do hordes of young adults still make decisions based on the public record of his life?

Sculpture in Motion Jamillah Jennings

Graffiti artist who is going to visually attack the biggest criminal organization in the world to bring peace and awareness to the drug war.

as yet untitled, unformed, and in the process of being developed.

Giving kids their first experiences with painting, drawing, paper mache and other art projects and in return, lots of smiles and learning!

Critically acclaimed. Praise worthy and enjoyable by a wide range of audiences.

This project is study of a unique place in the American landscape that appeals to my vernacular taste and sense of style and order.

Uploaded is an image of my signed paintings inside the Bellagio Conservatory, Las Vegas, a public art commission by the MGM Mirage in 2004