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I'm going to the Seed Vaults in Australia and Tasmania to make a research documentary on legacy, DNA and archiving the human soul.

Feature Film Where is it Laura? Logline: Laura has something Angel wants, but there is something Laura wants, it’s revenge.


I'm passionate about organic architecture and its components: form, internal systems, lighting, interactivity and sustainability.

An Untold Love Story Uncovered From the Ruins of WWII

Offering heartfelt support for artists of all stripes and disciplines in the staging of "The New World Drama" across our land

Watch how the lives of different people cross paths on a daily basis, and see how their lives are altered or saved through Love & Grace

A kinetic, interactive sculpture, participants are invited to turn geometric, beehive inspired "gears", making art & analogy from machinery.

Saddle Up! is a collaborative art car project being created by the Yellowstone Burners; our upper deck saloon serves hydration drinks.

Grown Women Dance Collective uses dance, music & US history to build cultural bridges, educate, empower & enable social impact.