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The Tutor is a short film that explores the complex relationship between a grieving father and nurturing daughter after a devastating loss.

Kinesios, two 40' tall internally lit steel walls perforated with binary and chaos patterns supporting a large human-powered pendulum .

SHIFT, an immersive, multimedia dance experience, will take place on May 12, 2018, at 3 pm and 7 pm at 111 2nd Avenue, New York, NY.

Workshop of a new play celebrating the infamous career of Surya Bonaly: athlete, badass, puberty warrior, m&ms lover, human girl.

Bloom is returning to Burning Man in 2018.

Stardust is an intergalactic art installation that provides a resting ground for wayward travelers.

Enslaved by their genetics. Oppressed by their creators. Fighting for their humanity. Resistance risks everything.

Monkey Car is inspired by the legends of Hanuman and the Chinese Monkey King as fierce and loyal warriors of goodness and nobility.

Feature Film Where is it Laura? Logline: Laura has something Angel wants, but there is something Laura wants, it’s revenge.