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New music and dance theater work portraying the sonic and political nature of security alarms, being presented in REDCAT’s Fall Studio.

A documentary that delves into the ghost stories and folklore that surrounds the Great Cypress Swamp in Delaware/ Maryland.

I am exploring whether ivy plants and lizards have secrets about the contemporary human more so than dominant culture uncans on our behalf.

KLUTZ is an exploration of destabilizing nonsense on the sick state of the American psyche utilizing live performance, video and music.

A gay romantic comedy about 4 men living in Palm Springs, Ca. and all the crazy wonderful adventures they embark on in the Desert.

//TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY is excited to announce PYLON III, our most ambitious project to date! Feb 8th & 9th at the Cornish Playhouse.

Five church members, Two pianos, six benches, and a whole lot of Tupperware.

LOGLINE: Where are all the Asian Rockstars in North America and can one emerge in this diversity challenged Trump era?

Help support Clinard Dance's Flamenco Quartet Project perform in NYC at the Association of Performing Arts conference.