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Help us make a professional recording of James Tenney's groundbreaking piece "Changes: 64 Studies for 6 Harps"

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney, Kem Weber, Furniture Design, Disney, Mid-Century Architecture, Chair, Modernism, museum, book, art

LOGLINE: Where are all the Asian Rockstars in North America and can one emerge in this diversity challenged Trump era?

Five church members, Two pianos, six benches, and a whole lot of Tupperware.

"Terminal Lucidity" is a noisy theatrical response to the assault on human and civil rights underway in the U.S. now.

We are raising funds to produce Lebensraum, in which a German Chancellor invites 6,000,000 Jews to return to Germany with full citizenship.

I am seeking your support in funding NYU Tisch's Study Abroad Photography Course "Postcards From Cuba" to collect media for my MFA thesis

We believe housing is a Human Right. Join us in raising Sonoma County's first Tiny House Village by the people, for the people.

A compact disc of three of my chamber works, to be released by Parma Recordings in the spring of 2018.