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Tableau, Tempest and Tango features images in piano music: Russian emigre David Finko, Richard Brodhead, and Pictures at an Exhibition.

by Barbara Noah

Artist Trust Humber Lifetime Artistic Achievement

"Likely Stories" is a series of pigment prints of metaphoric objects in distant skies, alluding to aspiration and transcendence with humor.

I am seeking your support in funding NYU Tisch's Study Abroad Photography Course "Postcards From Cuba" to collect media for my MFA thesis

Five church members, Two pianos, six benches, and a whole lot of Tupperware.

Sins and Sorrows: a multidisciplinary exploration of the seven deadly sins.

New music and dance theater work portraying the sonic and political nature of security alarms, being presented in REDCAT’s Fall Studio.

A documentary that delves into the ghost stories and folklore that surrounds the Great Cypress Swamp in Delaware/ Maryland.

I am exploring whether ivy plants and lizards have secrets about the contemporary human more so than dominant culture uncans on our behalf.

KLUTZ is an exploration of destabilizing nonsense on the sick state of the American psyche utilizing live performance, video and music.