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The Dancingmaster is a musical portrait of the legendary contradance caller, Dudley Laufman, featuring the talents of Keith Murphy.

Chicago artist will reimagine and repaint an old neighborhood mural using an altered translation of the original theme, butterflies.

Data Weave furthers world traditions of using textiles to communicate information while simultaneously preserving digital media through art.

Feminist performance group Sam Tower + Ensemble brings Strange Tenants, a dance theatre psycho thriller, to the 2017 Philly Fringe Festival.

I make murals that confidently defy the darkest voices that present themselves to us. YOU ARE LOVED. It transforms community and culture.

The Enchanted Musician is a body painting project in which the Muses become the instruments by being painted as the Instruments

URBAN x INDIGENOUS aims to unite cultural & urban artists, strengthening the network of urban-indigenous artists towards collective action.

Maya's Mind is a 15 foot tall 7 feet wide sculpture of Maya Angelou the African American great poet.

We believe housing is a Human Right. Join us in raising Sonoma County's first Tiny House Village by the people, for the people.