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HERE // HEAR celebrates moving bodies and curiosity about embodiment, moving voices and the thrill of deep listening.

This project funds the full-color Extinct Birds book which documents 17 extinct birds species in an accessible and compelling manner.

Smart Cookies is a web-series that explores the lives of female artists.The first batch of interviews will take place in Dallas, TX.

Grown Women Dance Collective uses dance, music & US history to build cultural bridges, educate, empower & enable social impact.

Singularity is a large scale interactive art piece that will debut at All Of Us Event and Burning Man the end of August this year.

Bloom is returning to Burning Man in 2018.

An Untold Love Story Uncovered From the Ruins of WWII

What if a recently laid-off public school art teacher decided to rob a Colorado weed dispensary to revive the art program at the school?

I'm passionate about organic architecture and its components: form, internal systems, lighting, interactivity and sustainability.