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Big Pollinator

A kinetic, interactive sculpture, participants are invited to turn geometric, beehive inspired "gears", making art & analogy from machinery.
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      Giving is reward enough.
      Special Sticker - designed by the artist
      Engraved Flask - with Big Pollinator graphic to smuggle your poison + Sticker
      T-shirt or Tank Top - your choice with Big Pollinator graphic + Sticker
      Original Big Pollinator Metal Pendant + Sticker
      Big Pollinator Hoodie - Keep yourself warm during those coooold playa nights + T-Shirt + Stickers
      THE HONEYPOT! - Includes Metal Pendant, Hoodie, T-shirt or Tank, Engraved Flask + Sticker
      High-quality Photo Print - your choice of sculpture intact or during burn. Optional signature by photographer and the artist + THE HONEYPOT
      The Pollination Party! - Join us on playa for a very special event. You and a guest can be a part of the final spins of the sculpture before the burn. We will greet you with an engraved flask filled with booze to toast the crew + THE HONEYPOT
      5/5 remain
      Original, signed Concept Drawing of the sculpture by the artist + Metal Pendant + two invites to the Pollination Party
      1/1 remain
      Big Getaway - One weekend stay at a beautiful house (3 bed, 3 bath) in Guerneville, Sonoma, California. This special place is now home to the original sculpture from last year + Metal Pendant + two invites to the Pollination Party
      3/3 remain
      Scale Model - Fully operational scale model, with lights and motor, approximately 16 inches in diameter + Metal Pendant + two invites to the Pollination Party
      3/3 remain
      Original Oil Painting by the Artist - A portrait or otherwise commissioned piece based on a concept, done in the artist’s style & creative choices, between 2x2ft and 6x6ft + THE HONEYPOT + two invites to the Pollination Party

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