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Recombined A Sci-Fi Short Film

Enslaved by their genetics. Oppressed by their creators. Fighting for their humanity. Resistance risks everything.
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      FHE Supporter - Thank you for supporting the uprising! Every contribution counts and we are grateful for yours. Enjoy this badge as our thank you, designed by the Author, Karen Sandler.
      GEN Ally - Social media ‘shout out’ and personalized online thank-you
      GEN Supporter – Digital Loka creature badge you can post on FB/Twitter/website, plus GEN Ally perk.
      GEN Patron – You will be one of the first to receive a digital copy of the film (following a run through the festival circuit). Plus all previous perks listed.
      Kinship Member - Digital, autographed one-sheet (movie-poster) of "Recombined" plus Thank You credit at the end of the film. Plus all previous perks listed.
      Kinship Leader - Digital signed copy of the script and 30 min brain pick (subject to artist scheduling/availability) from the writer or director. Plus all previous perks listed.
      Friend of Mishalla – You and a guest can join us at the cast / crew screening - TBD – (airfare and travel/hotel accommodations not provided)
      9/10 remain
      Friend of Kayla - Personalized autographed hardcover copies of Tankborn, Awakening, and Rebellion (The Tankborn Trilogy) Plus all previous perks listed.
      8/8 remain
      Member of the GEN Resistance - Come be a part of the action on camera in the role of GEN guest at the wedding, in full hair, makeup, and costume. (Airfare/travel/hotel accommodations not provided). Plus all previous perks listed.
      5/5 remain
      Leader of the GEN Resistance - Associate Producer credit on screen and on IMDB plus two tickets to our premiere (airfare travel/hotel accommodations not provided). Plus all previous perks listed.

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