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Together/Endjuntos: The first-ever English/Ladino bilingual holiday recording and musical educational resource.
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      Giving is reward enough.
      Get a digital copy of the CD (including the digital liner notes!) before it's released to the public - it's basically like buying the CD in advance!!
      Receive the above, plus get an exclusive limited-run hard copy of the CD signed with a personal message just for you (or whoever you designate).
      Receive the perks above plus a signature "Ora de Despertar" (Time to Wake Up!) eye mask.
      Receive all the perks above plus a signed copy of the newly published "Ora de Despertar" children's picture book with beautiful illustration by artist Miriam Ross
      All the above plus signed copies of Sarah's full 5-album discography
      All of the above plus a signature t-shirt of your choice ("Ladino Rocks," "Ora de Despertar" or "Together/Endjuntos")- samples are found at saraharoeste.com/store
      Same as the level above plus a 1-hr Skype session with Sarah to learn some Ladino songs together!
      All the above plus a thank-you in the liner notes of the "Together/Endjuntos" album and on website (if desired)
      5/5 remain
      A private solo house concert (within 2 hours driving distance of NYC or Boston) with Sarah! (If farther, we'll discuss.) Plus all of the above.
      4/4 remain
      Sarah Aroeste Band house concert (within 2 hours of NYC or Boston) (If farther, we'll discuss.) The above level but with the full Sarah Aroeste Band experience...
      2/2 remain
      The previous level plus join us in the recording studio! We'll discuss...

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