Young Artist Residency

by Shannon Reynolds


eSKay Art Collective is comprised of dancers, musicians, and visual artists whose mission is to engage people to create their own art through performance, workshops, and self-exploration. The reason eSKay’s mission resonates with many of our company members is due to the artists whom impacted and taught them throughout their life. Sine many of our company members have a childhood connection to Upstate New York, the collective thought it was an appropriate location for their next project. This project, anticipated for Spring/Summer 2019, would provide workshops and performances for young artists to help encourage, guide, and strengthen the art techniques they are currently pursuing.

Six artists from eSKay Arts Collective will spend 4 weeks in the Albany region working with young artists between the ages of 14-22. The young artists will receive two two-hour workshops weekly in improvisation, choreography/composition, or a secondary art form. Students will be responsible spending 1 ½ hours weekly creating an original piece of art. Students will also receive 30 minutes a week of 1-on-1 time from an instructor to assist, guide, and support their creative process. Concluding the four weeks students will have the opportunity to perform their artwork in an informal performance. The informal performance will end in a talk back with the audience, allow for critical feedback.

Upon completion of our four weeks we hope to continue relationships with students of the project and continue to act as a resource for their own creative endeavors. This could include continued private instruction, joining the collective, or even a place to stay when visiting our base location, NYC.

eSKay Arts Collective is asking for funding to help cover the costs of food, lodging, travel, a performance venue, and a small stipend for our teaching artists and marketing staff. Any excess funds will be used to support tech and costume needs of the young artists. On behalf, of the entire collective, I thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Donations made through our HatchFund will go directly to funding of this project.