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This project was successfully funded on May 10, 2018

Yonder Dance Company presents "IRL" at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Sarah Curran


“IRL” addresses the uncomfortable realities of mental and emotional pollutants and their effects on human nature. Nine choreographers and seventeen dancers from the Department of Theatre and Dance are collaborating with composers from the School of Music as well as a promotions team from the Department of Advertising and Public Relations to develop the evening-length (50min) piece. “IRL” illuminates the jarring battle between everyone and everything that competes for our attention, hijacking our headspace.

In order to get our company over to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform at The Edinburgh Fringe Fest, we are in need of a funds to help with transportation, costumes, and housing. On behalf of the Yonder Dance Company, I would like to request an amount of $2,500. We would use this money towards our costumes, meals, lighting design, props, and transportation to regional shows and Scotland. 

We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and hope you find inspiration in our work we've created. Thank you to all the supporters involved in the Hatch fund, we appreciate you keeping the arts alive.