by Deranta' Avaloy


 Yasuke: Birth of A Samurai was created out of the desire to fill a gap that has been long ignored in the “superhero genre”. The need for a hero of color that is not a sidekick, a joke or a character that is mandated by those that can’t relate to the African American culture .The biggest thing we want to accomplish is to provide a character that the children can look up to, read the stories, watch the cartoons and be able to relate to the main characters and know that they are able to see reflections of themselves and feel a sense of pride.

 The story of Yasuke is based in the 1500’s era of Japan upon his arrival in Japan in 1579. During this time some of the people of Japan had never set eyes on an African before so Yasuke really stood out among the people. The story basically unfolds as Yasuke begins training to be a samurai under the guidance of Oda Nobunga but what keeps holding him back is the mental anguish he suffered during his time as a slave. The story is relatable to all of us no matter how different we are and no matter what setbacks we may have or have come from that doesn’t have to determine your future.

 We have already started production of the Yasuke comic book and animated series as well but we are starting to slow down, as the budget is getting low. The comic book is 50% done but we need more funding to finish paying for the remaining pages to be done and also for printing costs to be done for a limited run of the preview issue. I hope by taking the time to look at the cover and the 1st  page from the comic you can see we really are trying to make this something special.

Thank you for taking the time to review and possibly take into consideration donating to my project, again, even if you can't personally donate right now if you could share this project with family, friends and throughout your social networks it's greatly appreciated.


Below a page from the Regular Edition of Yasuke: Birth of a Samurai comic book