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This project was successfully funded on November 19, 2014

Women... and Sometimes Men: An Indie Feature Film

by Lesley Demetriades


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We are so thankful for the support of our first 66 generous donors, after just one month of fundraising, we have surpassed our minimum goal! Women... and Sometimes Men is HAPPENING! We are thrilled by such resounding support for our work and cannot thank you enough. With your help, this project will reach its full potential. We hope to continue raising the bar, all the way up to our maximum planned budget of $13,250.

At $9,500 we will be able to buy an important part for our camera to help us process our 4K footage faster. Faster processing means more time spent making the scenes the best they can be!

At $10,000 we can pay (a little) for locations, which will help us a TON!

At $12,500 we can pay our cinematographer more!

At $13,500 we will be able to begin the process of paying our editor!

WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON:  The story of our film follows Sara - who is in crisis. Engaged for one day, she decides to call off her marriage. Quirky, beautiful, and tender, she is working on being honest and answering some big questions.

Having had a short relationship with a woman in college, Sara seeks that feeling again. Or at least, to understand it.  How can she have a woman’s touch without giving up men entirely? This question launches Sara on a bittersweet journey filled with self discovery, sexual awakening, beautiful women… and sometimes men.

WHO'S ASKING? UNKNOWN WORKS, a brand new indie film production company, interested in bridging the gap between quirky cerebral cinema and the heart of what makes us tick.  Sexually.

PRODUCERS' STATEMENT:  Thank you for your interest in "Women... and Sometimes Men"!  We live in a world very much affected by people's perceptions.  Ask a person what he or she believes is right and wrong in our world and each person will provide a different answer.  So what is the "right" way to live and love?

The quest to answer what is "wrong or right" becomes even more intriguing when it comes to human sexuality.  We are excited to offer up this quirky, offbeat and thoughtful film. "Women... and Sometimes Men" is a conversation about creating your own contract of marriage, your own kind of relationship.  It celebrates the shades of gray in our world.  It allows a place and space for everyone to love how and whom they wish.  It pays homage to the complex female awareness.  It explores some of the places people look when on a journey to find themselves, especially the journey within.

WRITER'S STATEMENT:  "Women... and Sometimes Men" is my attempt to tell a story that has not been heard; to explore the idea of polyamory, the love of many, in a believable and honest way.  The character Sara embodies many women I have known and loved, women who sought romance but not necessarily with one person at a time and not always the same gender.  This is a story about love and sex but not about "Free Love" and reckless irresponsibility.  This is a celebration of youth and curiosity, but the story does not hide from the consequences of multiple relationships.

Even though it is a conversational piece, the story is full of images and the camera should be an observer, like Sara. As the audience watches, we must linger on the listener, not just the speaker. We must take in hands, tabletops, walls, textures, rough edges; get in close and let the camera be a poet along with everything else.  Avoid flatness.  I once heard someone say that film is about movement.  Move the camera.  Move the characters.  Surprise the audience with stillness.  It will be difficult for this to be a bad film.  Simply take this work and let it be good.Matthew Holtzclaw Writer - "Women... and Sometimes Men" 

Our Lead Female Cast Members:

Sara - Tasha Ames:

Ali - Lindsey McKeon:

WHAT WE'RE ASKING FOR: The absolute bare minimum we need to make this film a reality.  Your contribution helps us pay for our lead actors, our cinematographer, our lights and sound and locations.  The rest we are working on getting through favors from amazing people.  We won't be able to pay anyone what they're truly worth, because our friends and colleagues are unreal artists - however, we know this film will do well so that we can lay a foundation to continue to create with amazing people on a larger level. 

***Sharing this message is just as important as supporting it.  Please pass on this page to anyone you know who believes in bringing positivity and understanding into relationships and sex. 

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