When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong

by Josh Heard


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This project is based on my first book, "When Ghost Hunting Goes Wrong: A Brush With Evil." The reason why I am choosing to put this idea into a documentary format is fairly simple. I would like to reach a broader audience through this form of media. Book sales aren't bad by any means, I simply feel that the overall message of the project is too important. The basis of the film will be addressing an underlying issue within the paranormal feild; what happens when ghost hunters are investigating, or even "thrill-seeking," and bite off more than they can chew? I was involved in a couple of these instances while investigating the same location. The location in question is an old, run down church that sits right outside of Maryville, MO. I have watched the most horrible things happen to very close friends whom I care about greatly.

The purpose of the film is not only to educate, but to inform the audience of my own personal story, how I developed such a passion for the paranormal, and why, to this day, I still am awoken in the middle of the night with horrible nightmares. The apperance of this movie will be very cinematic in nature. I really want this to look like a movie, so the audience feels as if they aren't watching a documentary. It will also be a full-length (90) minute documentary. The soundtrack will also do a wonderful job of setting the mood all the way to the final scenes where my team and I investigate the church that has caused so much turmoil for us for the final time ever.  

I have most aspects of making this film already put in place. All I am truly lacking are funds. To properly fund this project, I am looking at around a $40,000 budget. These are my liberal calculations. The funding would be used for many different avenues. Pre and Post production, rental costs of some of the required equipment, (I have lists available to look at) being able to properly pay the crew, and some travel expenses as well. Another aspect of funding would be the external hard drives used to hold and back up all the footage, both audio and visual.

The shoot itself will run for 14 solid days. This will be a very tedious endeavor, but I feel it needs to be done in this manner to better tell the story.

Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your schedule to read this over. This is merely a dream of mine that I have wanted to bring to fruition ever since I put the book out.  Thank you for you time and consideration. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please email me at joshheard1@gmail.com.