Virtual Visions Exhibition

by Peter J. Sucy


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Hello, my name is Peter J. Sucy and I’m a 3D lenticular artist. Lenticular printing is a 100 year old technology that allows you to view a 3D image without the need of special glasses. It’s accomplished by aligning and laminating a special lens sheet to a printed image that has been created by interleaving up to 24 separate views of a 3D scene into one large print file.My 27 years of experience with Eastman Kodak taught me not only how to create lenticular images, but that the optimal way to present 3D lenticular images was as backlit transparencies. The images appear so real people want (and often try) to reach out and touch them!I’m seeking assistance to produce a long-awaited exhibition of my work which comprises nearly thirty years of photographically & digitally created 3D art.There is a much greater cost involved with the decision to display transparencies, because you now have to provide a light source and some sort of frame to hold both the transparency and the light source. The commercial aluminum light boxes on the market, to be blunt, do not say this is fine art. I’ve designed a more elegant solution which I call a Multi-Dimensional Display Portal. Utilizing an ultra thin LED panel and a variety of colored transparent and solid acrylic materials, I hide the LED panel and lenticular transparency under a bezel with trims in various granite-looking materials.My goal of $11,480 will be used to build a minimum of eight Multi-Dimensional Display Portals and proof enough images to begin to exhibit my work to much wider audience.Funds raised for this project will be used:To cover the cost of purchasing lenticular lenses, pigment inks, special ink jet transparency film to complete the proofing and laminating more of the images in the series Virtual Visions.To purchase 8 LED panels, one for each of the images in the exhibition.To purchase materials for building the displays and cover manufacturing & assembly costsTo pay for printing and shipping donor perks.In the case that I overfund, I will add additional images and displays to the exhibit. Funds after that point would be used to produce a second set of exhibition displays.Thank you for considering my project for your support. Creating 3D images of my work is an expensive process but significantly more affordablle than my first love, creating films. In a way the works I create are films, just very short ones.Please help me bring my work to a much wider audience. They truly must be seen in person to fully experience the dimensions of not only 3D Space, but Time as well.