Vampire ballet promo video!

by Shaun Dougherty


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Hello! 'Irene' is my original contemporary Vampire ballet. This has been the most exciting musical experience of my life. Now that we have had the world premier, we need to work on having it performed again here and in other cities. We need to produce a short promotional video. It's that simple!

The video will show several pieces from the ballet with the original dancers in full costume on stage with the music behind them. The video will show the intimate details of the dancers. Also, there will be short interviews with myself the composer, the choreographer and some of the principal dancers discussing their experience with this ballet as compared to others.

The video will be shot on the main stage at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington DE. Jessica Garcia from Springwood Productions will shoot, direct and edit the video.

I am asking for $3000 to pay for the production of the video and making approximately 20 copies on DVD with photographs and liner notes. If we go over our goal, we can print more hard copies and hire a marketing company to help promote the video.

I want to thank everyone of my supporters. This project is my ballet but it's more than that, it's about the Arts and helping to bring a new audience to the beauty of ballet.

Thank you, 

Shaun Dougherty

    • April 09, 2014 Shaun Dougherty Artist

      Also visit my website to hear other excerpts of music from 'Irene'. I will post more pieces of music as we go!