Untitled Gay Retiree Documentary

by PJ Raval


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According to research conducted by the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles, there are an estimated 2.4 million lesbian, gay or bisexual Americans over the age of 55. LGBTQ seniors are five times less likely to access social services than their heterosexual counterparts, half as likely to have health insurance coverage, twice as likely as straights to live alone, and 10 times less likely to have a caretaker should they fall ill. "Untitled Gay Retiree Documentary" seeks to put faces to some of these jarring statistics.

We follow three gay seniors as they navigate the adventures, challenges and surprises of their “golden years.” Set against the backdrop of varied and various LGBTQ-friendly retirement communities, "Untitled Gay Retiree Documentary" interweaves formal, sit down interviews and observational scenes with impressionistic portraits, old family photos, home movies, and archive film and stills to depict the journey of our characters through old age. 

We are currently in production. We have shot over 75% of the film and plan to wrap principal photography this summer. We are raising funds to complete shooting. We are filming in LGBTQ senior communities across the country. Money will be used to cover the cost of everything from plane tickets and rental cars to hard drives and batteries.

Tracing a year in the lives, and a lifetime of experiences, "Untitled Gay Retiree Documentary" will confrontsthe realities of aging in the LGBTQ community. While the film may not present a solution to the many challenges facing our LGBTQ elders, by giving them a voice, society will be forced to include them in a dialogue.

Directed by PJ Raval. Produced by Sara Giustini. Edited by Kyle Henry. Cinematography by Mike Simpson. 


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