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This project was successfully funded on October 16, 2017


by Madilynn Beck


What is UNSCHOOLED? It's a 30-Minute Comedic series pilot; when an education giant in fear of closing its doors decides to revolutionize the age-old instruction of “the birds and the bees” by placing their best and brightest employee at the helm; too bad she’s a virgin. This seed project will be a primary tool to get in front of industry Executives with the power to bring this series to life. The generous funds donated towards this "proof of concept" will support UNSCHOOLED, from conception to completion.

Why Now? UNSCHOOLED, is a story of exploration of self. The idea of questioning the actions of others makes perfect sense; questioning your own is another. I try to maintain the standard that my creative body of work speaks to the "everyman." I believe it's our uniqueness that defines us but our commonalities that bind us. My vision for this 12-episode series is no different. 

How, you ask? My goal is to produce the entirety of UNSCHOOLED in the heart of Los Angeles, California, using its rich audience of young artists as crew and talent. It will be executed with a single camera and minimal crew. All music provided and scored by local artists and a condensed production schedule, of one week, to expedite the process to a final product.

UNSCHOOLED @ $2,500 (TARGET GOAL) If we reach this TARGET GOAL of $2,500, we would be able to make an extended trailer for the series.  This 2-3 Minute clip would be a summary of what the series has to offer. Your generous donation would go towards a 2-Day shoot with a small, but mighty production crew, talented non-union actors, a "thank you" to the Executive Creative Team, editing/packaging and marketing to get a full pilot episode produced. 

UNSCHOOLED  @ $38,000 (REACH GOAL) In the event we climb to the stellar REACH GOAL of $38,000, we would be able to make a full-length pilot (25-30 Minutes). Reaching this goal would literally make our dreams come true and enable us to have the production quality we know the project deserves. $38,000 would guarantee a full production crew with state-of-the-art equipment, full cast of dedicated actors, industry-recommended daily compensation for all cast, crew and executives, editing/packaging, marketing and festival fees. 

UNSCHOOLED @ $38,001 AND BEYOND...Looking up at the sky and expecting to see a ceiling is ridiculous, so we won't put a lid on what you, our Supporters, are capable of. Any donations above and beyond our REACH GOAL of $38,000 will be used as seed money for the expansion of the series (i.e., more episodes!) 

...In the end, UNSCHOOLED is you. It's a project for You, possibly about You and made possible by You. We're beyond grateful for every word of encouragement, Tweet, dollar and smile you send our way. We know each day comes one at a time and remember those who can't do, teach. Thanks.

-Madilynn Beck (Writer/Director/Executive Producer)