• Posted July 07, 2014
    huge thanks for your patience, support, and encouragement throughout this challenging and formidable endeavor -- I'm in the process of sorting through images, notes and other documentation of my trip to King Island last month. I've got travel next week as part of the IAIA residency program, but wanted to post the good news and extend my first (of many) words of gratitude before too long -- and will have perks on their way by the end of August. With thanks also to fellow King Islanders Marilyn Koezuna-Irelan, Carrie Ojanen Cockerham, and Bernadette (Yaayuk) Alvanna-Stimpfle, who braved a whole range of contingencies and journeyed 26 hours on captain Adem Boeckmann's Anchor Point to the home of our families and ancestors. Thanks too to Adem's first mate for the trip across the Bering Sea, Ryan Peterson.
  • Posted May 05, 2013
    a HUGE thanks to contributors in recent days and the project to date -- we're at 41% of goal thanks to your contributions and spreading the word. Thank you so much for your continued support as we get to the final weeks of fundraising!
  • Posted March 26, 2013
    Many thanks for a great start to fundraising and outreach on the project. I am so grateful for your generous contributions -- with your participation and the match established through the Creative Vision award, 22% of the project goal is now funded!

    I am working on setting up a project Web site and sending out perks and hope to have info up and items sent out by the end of the weekend. Thank you once again!

The project involves my first trip to remote King Island, home of generations of my ancestors, which has been uninhabited for 50+ years.