• Posted November 23, 2016
    Dear friends,
    We hope this email finds you well. It's hard to believe that another holiday season is upon us!

    Please forgive us for the long silence, we have not forgotten about you! This Autumn marks some major career transitions for two of the trio members. Ming and Eli have both started working at new jobs.

    Ming joined the Michigan State University College of Music faculty as an associate professor and has been busy getting acclimated with the new job. In early October, he was joined by his clarinet colleague Guy Yehuda as well as two distinguished guest clarinetists, Jonathan Gunn and Julia Heinen, during the second annual MSU clarinet extravaganza. On October 26, he performed a successful debut recital at MSU.

    Eli has been enjoying teaching cello and chamber music and collaborating with new friends and colleagues at the University of Missouri School of Music. She is excited to have joined the Esterhazy Quartet at MU and recently had a wonderful week-long quartet residency in Boston working with the excellent composition faculty and students at the Berklee College of Music.

    Our pianist Ilya has played recitals on Canada's West Coast and Philadelphia, performed with the newly founded Trio de Montrèal in both Canada and the US, and gave a performance of the 2nd book of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier on four different historical and modern keyboards at Cornell University's Westfield Center. He also gave masterclasses at Cornell and at University of Victoria.

    Our recording project is getting closer to the finishing line. we just submitted our editing notes and look forward to getting the third edit from our producer. This promises to be the final edit and we will soon have the recording mastered.

    Finally, we are very excited for our Tennessee debut! On Tuesday, February 28, 2017, Trio Séléné will be performing a concert presented by the Clarksville Community Concert Series at the Mabry Concert Hall. This concert will feature works by Fauré, Zemlinsky, and the all time favorite Brahms Trio, op. 115. We will make a radio appearance on WPLN's Live from Studio C earlier on the same day, and will also be visiting MTSU in Murfreesboro on March 2, 2017.

    That's all the news so far. We wish you a wonderful holiday season. May the holidays bring you good health, your days be filled with laughter and love!

    Trio Séléné
  • Posted September 11, 2015

    Download Audio: Closed Format: MP3 / MP4 Open Format: OGG

    Download Audio: Closed Format: MP3 / MP4 Open Format: OGG

    Dear friends!! Just to keep you up-to-date with our project: We have just finished listening very closely to our first edit (which is sounding very good) and have just submitted our first round of notes to our producer. We are excited to hear the next edit!! Before then, here are a couple of clips from Fernando Buide's Two Fragments for Bass Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, and Faure's Trio in D Minor. More soon!!
  • Posted August 14, 2015
    Dear friends and supporters, we have reached more than 60% of our target with 7 more days to go! Thank you so much for your support. we wouldn't be able to do this without it. We are getting more and more excited about the recording, currently in the editing process. Help us spread the word in our final week! Thank you!!
  • Posted August 03, 2015

    Download Video: Closed Format: MP4 Open Format: OGG / WebM

    Ilya Poletaev on the Fauré Trio, op. 120.
  • Posted August 03, 2015
    Dear supporters, here is a break-down of our budget in case you are interested to know. Thank you for your support! We are very excited to share this recording with you soon!

    Recording/tracking at $1,600/day for 3 days: $4,800
    Editing: $4,500
    Mixing/mastering: $1,200
    Expenses for producer and engineer (travel, cartage): $2,800
    Commission fee for the composer: $1,500
    Musicians’ travel expenses: $1,500
    Piano technician during 3 days of recording: $1,000
    Page turner: $250
    Estimated cost for CD production (record label): $2,000
    Total estimated cost: $20,050

    Grants awarded: $8,500
    Amount we still need: $11,550
    Estimated musicians' contribution: $3,000+
    Balance: $8,550 (Hatchfund target goal: $8,000)
  • Posted August 02, 2015
    Mingzhe WangMingzhe WangMingzhe WangMingzhe Wang
    Dear Supporters! Thank you so much for your generous donation! We are very excited to share these wonderful musical works with you. For the $150 donation level perk, you have the option of getting a beautifully printed photograph by Mingzhe Wang. Here are a few examples of what you might be getting.

We are Trio Séléné, a classical musical ensemble comprised of clarinet, cello, and piano. We hope to raise money for our debut recording.