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This project was successfully funded on September 10, 2014

TRIGGER - A Short Film by Christopher Folkens

by Christopher Folkens


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  • Posted May 26, 2015

    Download Video: Closed Format: MP4 Open Format: OGG / WebM

    Author: Christopher Folkens
    Thank you again to all of you for your support! We are very close to locking our picture edit on the short and I am very excited to push forward into the finishing process (color correction, sound design and mixing, etc etc). There is still a lot of work yet to be done and if anyone would like to support us with an additional donation we would greatly appreciate it!

    For now, enjoy the TEASER TRAILER for "TRIGGER" - the short film!

    Kindest regards,
    Chris Folkens
  • Posted February 25, 2015
    Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to thank you once again for all you support in funding Trigger! We are still pushing forward with plans to shoot the film in early April! We had planned to do the principle photography in February but decided to push things back in order to maximize opportunities for cast and crew we can source to make the project the best we can possibly create.

    Thank you again for your constant support and encouragement. I'm really excited we've created a community around this film and I encourage you to continue spreading the word and sharing the page to demonstrate what we're up to.

    The script has come a long way as we've continued to pursue revisions to the story and I am confident that we are at the best version we've ever been to date.

    I appreciate your patience as we push forward on this and know that this project is still very much alive and making great headway!

    All the best,
    ~Chris Folkens
    Director / Producer / Co-Writer; TRIGGER
  • Posted November 19, 2014
    Hey Everyone!
    Chris here! Just wanted to touch base and let you all know where we're at with the project. Because we didn't end up hitting our FULL/STRETCH goal, which is where the project was actually budgeted, we are working to not only revise the narrative script but also really hone in on what the project will cost to complete, using what we DO have, and also how we can really work smarter -- not harder (we're already working plenty hard enough as it is!) -- and get the most bang for the buck so everything we spend really goes on screen!

    I'm also thrilled to announce that we're really making amazing headway on honing in on what the best version of the script is to date. It is NO ACCIDENT it has taken this long to get to where we are on the script. A friend of mine just said the other day, as she read the script for "TRIGGER" that "Some projects are meant to take years -- even if they're 10-15 pages -- to really find the Truth in it and craft it to the level that it is meant to be... this is one of those projects." I'm so excited to see how the years of passionate pursuit of excellence has led to the continuing discovery of the potential that is innately held within this story and what the power is when we SHOW it and don't "tell" it.

    We've all seen films that show someone on the verge of suicide before. The invitation here is to take that to another level, which will take the impact we can have to another level. I'm totally speechless how amazing even one days' worth of exploration this past weekend into NEW territory for this project has really taken the entire thing to new heights.

    No matter what we've been through on this project, no matter what the obstacle, it was all worth it to get to this point....hmm, isn't that the message we really need to land with this project? How perfect is that!

    With Love and Harmony,
    Director/Producer/Co-Writer; TRIGGER
  • Posted October 19, 2014
    Hey everyone! Chris here... Just wanted to send all of you a quick update that I have not forgotten you! Things have been very very busy out here in LA working to set the groundwork for TRIGGER to actually happen at the level/caliber that I am committed to creating these film projects at. I am continuing to raise some more funding, wherever possible such that we can create the maximum quality version of the narrative short film and also get to the point where I can actually create a documentary counterpart to the film too, beyond what I can personally shoot myself.

    On that note, just TODAY I sat down to interview the AMAZING transformational leader and coach, Michael Strasner who was incredibly generous with his time and gave so much of his energy and passion and spirit towards sharing his vision for the world and how we can actually shift how we show up such that we really do create a world with a dramatic decrease in suicide. I am SO excited to be able to share this interview with you in the coming weeks (as soon as I get it prepared to share) and I am confident that this will demonstrate the sort of powerful interviews we can create that work as a counterpart to "TRIGGER" -- the narrative short film. Michael Stranser's interview is such a powerful look at the underlying themes surrounding the narrative short and it does a perfect job at giving us tangible action steps toward creating that world we are all so passionate about creating -- a world without suicide.

    The good news is... when we create that world, so many other "problems" in our world today will vanish as well!

    With LOVE,
  • Posted August 25, 2014

    Download Video: Closed Format: MP4 Open Format: OGG / WebM

    Author: Chris Folkens
    Credits: Nick Nakonechnyj
    This weekend I had the opportunity to interview a phenomenal young man named Nick who is a survivor of a suicide attempt. His story is incredible...

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    • August 18, 2014 Kim Michelle Reid~Hawley Community Member Trying to stay alive... Here is a story for you Christopher. I am finding it amazing that people will share news of a suicide like, Robin Williams but not of someone fighting their feelings to just end it. Read the above link and write your congressman if you can. Thank you and good luck with your project.