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This project was successfully funded on June 23, 2012


by Ann Reichlin


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3,000 narcissus bulbs will be planted in October 2012 along the vanished foundation walls of several demolished homes that once stood along Whitesboro Street as part of my community-based project, Trace.  Each year the narcissus will emerge then disappear, momentarilly revealing a trace of the former density that once defined this struggling Utica, New York neighborhood.

Trace will enable me to begin a new phase of Interventions at 914 Whitesboro Street, the ongoing series of site-works that I have been creating on Sculpture Space grounds since 1998.  Over the years I have witnessed the inevitable changes in the neighborhood.  Whereas my first two pieces, Insert (1998) and Solitary View (2001) have been demolished along with the abandoned house that once hosted them, Translucent Home (2008) still stands on the former house site.  Translucent Home has become part of the neighborhood even as the neighborhood has continued to change around it.

In 2006, with the help of community members, I planted 500 narcissus bulbs on the prior footprint of a house that once stood next to Translucent Home. Trace takes this idea a step further by re-imagining the historic urban form of this once densely populated neighborhood.  Trace creates a deeper context for Translucent Home and develops one of the core ideas underlying my multiple interventions on Whitesboro Street---the notion that places that we think we know in a specific and fixed way are really in a perpetual state of flux.

Gardening is universal.  Trace uses this universal quality to explore a moment in the neighborhood's past.  I believe that by uncovering a moment in the neighborhood's past, Trace can be a catalyst for imagining its future.

The money raised will purchase the bulbs, help amend the soil, and pay for the labor to prepare the sites.  Additional funds raised will be spent on travel expenses, publicity and additional signage.  Thank you for your support.



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    • March 15, 2013 AHerlihy Community Member

      It looks amazing and I was happy to help fund it, but I never received my bulbs. How do I contact the artist to let her know?

    • June 23, 2012 Kathryn Petrillo Community Member

      Congrats on reaching your goal.

    • May 04, 2012 Kathryn Petrillo Community Member

      This is an amazing project Ann and I hope that you get funded. I wish I had more to give.