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This project was successfully funded on June 26, 2017

Time Travelers Elevator

by Josh Yeo


Do you fantasize about time travel? Why? .....An even better question;  If time travel were possible, would you do it? 

Artist/ Director Josh Yeo is leading this construction with a talented batch of artists and transferring his craft of storytelling into the physical form with this interactive sculpture fashioned out of a vintage elevator cab. 

At night time, the glowing incandescent dome will attract wandering lost souls.  This is when it will be the most interesting as the glowing LEDS and immersive features come to life and contrast the time aged shell. 

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco era, the Elevator will have two working doors, classic elevator music, and enough LED's to start a party.... oh yeah, it can travel thru time.  

This project is the proud recipient of a Burning Man Honorarium Grant which means it is already 75% funded, and just needs a little support from our community. 

A  final note from the lead artist,

"It's a standard size,  6-8 person occupancy, and will have an inner steel frame with a patina rusted iron exterior that will look incredible. It's going to look old, it's going to look real, and it will be built to last." 

Suggested donation amount $50. 

****The "Time Travelers Elevator"  is brought to the Playa this year by the same artist behind Burning Man short film,  "Deep Playa Sunrise".  You can see an online screener here, (password: DPS)  (Runtime 12:45)

Meet our Team 

Lead Artist: Josh Yeo 

Josh is a sucker for a good story, whatever the form may be. He wears many hats, filmmaker, photographer, drone pilot, content creator. His work can be seen at 

Youtube Channel:  Make.Art.Now. 

Production Manager: Bobby Pin  

Bobby Pin was an official Burning Man photographer for the last two years, his work has been published in the Parade and Huffington Post. Last year he was production coordinator for the Burning Man Doc Team and this year, was promoted to staff manager.

He continues to create art, support artists and help fund projects.  His work can be seen


Architect/ Welding: Reema Farhat

Reema is a Project Architect, often the person responsible for making sure the design is code compliant, architecturally feasible and likely to stand up, but in her spare time she is a sculptor and painter. This year’s will be my fourth trip to Burning Man and the fifth time she had worked on sculptures for the event. 

Reema has worked for years with The Flaming Lotus Girls, a collective of sculptors and fire artists, best known for giant fire-shooting structures with names like “The Serpent Mother” and “The Angel of the Apocalypse.” Reema credits the women in the group with teaching her how to weld and an offshoot group The Flux Foundation with stoking her passion for large-scale public art. In one sense, then, her solo fire-shooting sculpture built for Illumination Village (Burning Man 2015) was a kind of graduation piece. Not that anything in Black Rock City is every entirely “solo”.

Final Note on Hatchfund-our funding platform

Hatchfund is a non-profit supporting artists. In order to operate they require an additional minimum 10% on top of your donation amount which covers Hatchfund's operations and transaction processing fees. So $50 will actually cost you $55. BUT the entire $55 or any amount you donate to this project is entirely tax deductible.

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