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This project was successfully funded on December 20, 2016

thINKingDANCE Turns 5!

by thINKingDANCE


Since our founding in 2011, thINKingDANCE has published over 750 articles on dance in the Philadelphia region and beyond. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, thINKingdance is committing to growth. In 2015/16 we brought in a new cohort of writers who have helped us broaden, deepen, and diversify the scope of our coverage. Our current fundraising project centers on sustaining our writers and editors through education and letting them know that their work has value by providing fair fees for their vital work. 

In particular, moving into 2017 our project will focus on expanding our local partnerships, launching an all-new and open-call creative writing competition on our site, and further developing our innovative Write Back Atcha program, a 'write back' instead of a 'talk back'.

$6,000 will help us continue operations at the basic level that we've established for 2016. Our stretch goal of $8,000 will allow us to do more…slightly increasing the amount we are able to pay our writers, bringing it closer to the field-wide standard, and helping create a small nest egg to bring us into 2017.

Please consider making a contribution, and help us celebrate five years since our founding in Philadelphia. We have very little overhead, so your gift goes directly to supporting the writers, editors, and fearless leaders of thINKingDANCE.

Thank you for keeping our engines going. We couldn't do it without you.

    • December 02, 2016 Bob Oliveti Community Member

      Congrats on reaching your minimum goal. Let the great writing continue! Bob Oliveti