These Wonderful Evils "And the Rhythm Ace" & Melissa Oresky "Solar Anvil"

by Melissa Oresky & Zak Boerger


This artist’s edition includes three components: a DVD of ten 2.5 minute videos created by Melissa Oresky; a 55 minute CD of music by Zak Boerger, from which the music for the videos was taken; and a silkscreened poster, that when folded will serve as the jacket for the DVD / CD set. The set will be produced in an edition of 300.

The music, the video footage, and the paper collage elements used in the making of the videos were created during a two week artist’s residency at the Petrified Forest National Park in June 2013.

In the Solar Anvil videos, Oresky uses the plants in the landscape like actors in a shadowplay, allowing the wind and the changing angle of light to activate a series of painted backdrops. These elements were then used to construct collage-like, experimental animations that feel much like moving versions of her still work in paper and paint. Some Solar Anvil videos can be viewed here.

The CD And the Rhythm Ace will be the final release by These Wonderful Evils, a collaborative project led by Zak Boerger. Boerger’s multilayered sound design for the ten videos is a portion of the longer CD. The entirety of the music was made with the simple Ace Tone Rhythm Ace drum machine in the CD's title, and electric guitars and effects pedals, largely in improvised and often real-time recordings. As with the Solar Anvil video suite, the work could be described as being generated by landscape—its rhythms, forms, and spaces—rather than being about it.

In her Chicago Tribune review of Oresky’s 2012 solo exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center, Claudine Ise mentioned Oresky and Boerger’s first collaborative video “Trail,” and its “dreamy perambulations [that] sweep us off our feet.”

Solar Anvil and And the Rhythm Ace is their second collaboration, and is a culmination of two years of work.

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