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This project was successfully funded on March 20, 2017

THEATREdART Season 10!



THEATREdART has always worked to bring unique and innovative theater to the Pike's Peak region. In our 10th season, we're pushing ourselves even harder, with projects including our latest iteration of Theatregasm, our long-awaited production of Short Eyes, the assassination of Rasputin in Petrograd, our very first musical in Dogs the Musical, and closing out by running both parts of Angels in America performed in repertory!

We can't do it alone, though. In order to keep the season rolling, we need to fund it. Due to our policy of keeping ticket prices as low as possible, ticket sales dont cover all our expenses. That's where you come in! Help us pay for our backstage equipment, our posters, the rights to our shows, and for our lovely space at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts!

We've made it to our 10th season, thanks to our volunteers, our audience, and our donors. Help us make this season the best yet!

Here's how your donation helps us pay our bills:

$5          ...pays for one costume piece at the Arc/Goodwill (our main costume suppliers!)

$10        ...pays for one month of website hosting

$25        ...pays for the posters for one show

$40        ...pays for the programs for each show

$475      ...pays our insurance costs for the year

$500      ...pays the production costs for one show (includes costumes, sets, props)

$675      ...pays the rent for one show/nine performances (does not include rehearsal space)

$900      ...pays for the performance rights for Short Eyes and Angels in America

Every donation helps!

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