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This project was successfully funded on October 3, 2013

the wulf.

by Michael Winter


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Our Mission and History

the wulf. is an arts organization dedicated to the presentation of experimental music, art, film, and dance. Our facilities are located in a loft in downtown Los Angeles, where we hold an ongoing series of free events that are open to the public. The primary objectives of the wulf. are to curate free public performances of experimental arts; to provide sponsorship, support and foster community for local composers and performers of experimental music; to invite guests from around the world to present their work and engage with local artists; and to document and archive the events we curate.

Since our inception in August 2008, the wulf. has presented over 200 concerts free to the public. This has resulted in the wulf. being rapidly recognized as a hub for a bourgeoning experimental arts scene populated by many young as well as more well-known artists who now have an appropriate forum dedicated to the support of the radical.

What You Are Funding

For our 2013/14 season, funds will go to producing at least 25 events and help put into motion new initiatives in order to acheive long-term sustainability. The majority of our events take place in downtown Los Angeles, and feature music, art, dance, film and literary works. Our budget primarily consists of space rental which has, until now, been given in kind by the board. Occupying a space has been quintessential for our community. It gives artists a means to present their work in an open, free environment. Our minimum goal is $8000, however our expenses far exceed that. Our maximum goal is over $40,000 and would cover everything: rent, a curatorial residency, archival resources, insurance, licensing fees, etc.. Help us achieve a sustainable model for the wulf. so that our community can share their work with you for years to come.

How We Do It

the wulf.’s curatorial policies allow for the rapid prototyping of new works. Our events are generally planned anywhere from a month to the day before they occur. This type of programming is augmented by events that are planned further in advance. Some examples from our past season include a series of events by the Dogstar Orchestra in August of 2012, a residency and concert by visiting composers/performers Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks which took place on October of 2012, and a residency and series of concerts by legendary minimalist composer Tom Johnson in February 2013.

Community Outreach

the wulf. has been involved in several community outreach events and collaborative efforts since 2010. Our most notable of these events were the collaboration with Collage Ensemble at the Inglewood Library occurring in April 2012 and the participation in MOCA's Big Family Day and Sunday Studio in June and July of 2011, respectively. The upcoming seasons will see a continuation of these types of events as they have been highly rewarding to both the performers and the greater community. It is already planned that we will continue to host collaborative events with the Dogstar Orchestra and the publication and festival of the Experimental Music Yearbook.

Watch documentation of our event at MOCA.


the wulf. is a unique and necessary fixture within the arts community of Los Angeles. We believe that the continued presence of experimental music and art events through our organization is essential, most importantly because there is no other outlet for experimental art like it in the Los Angeles area. There is a vibrant community of artists who have become involved with the wulf. throughout its years of operation. During this time, these artists have become synonymous with the organization, and the wulf. has evolved into both an artist community and a performance space. We feel that it is important to continue to be able to share the passion and energy of the wulf. with the public. All events will continue to remain free and open to the public for as long as the organization is in existence. It is our primary goal as an organization to present high quality art to the Los Angeles community and to create a supportive, inspiring and creative environment for artists of all disciplines.

Visit Us

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Thank You

There is no other place/community like the wulf. In a time where funding for the arts is waning, we have managed to do so much with so little. Every donation helps and will go a long way in furthing our mission. Thank you for your donation and helping us continue to support our community and share our work with you.

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