The Warriors: A Love Story at the Edinburgh Fringe

by Eliot Gray Fisher


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ARCOS Dance is excited to be taking a revised version of last year’s multimedia dance theater production, The Warriors: A Love Story (premiered at the Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Arts in 2013), to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this coming August. We will be performing the reimagined piece nightly at 8:30pm at Zoo Southside for twenty-five days to audiences from around the world, including international press and performing arts presenters. This is a next big step forward for our multimedia performance company, and taking a show of this size and complexity to the Fringe is a significant undertaking, but we believe it is a story that must be told on a world stage. In order to realize this ambitious production in Edinburgh, we need help from our community of supporters to rent the theater venue, cover set material and equipment costs, and offset the travel and housing expenses for the cast members.

Inspired by an actual family legacy, The Warriors: A Love Story is a multimedia dance theater production that confronts the disturbing beauty and profound devastation of war. Searching through his grandmother’s trunk after her death, Eliot, a young musician, is transported into the past by the physical mementos he encounters. Moment after fractured moment reveal the intertwined lives of Ursula, a German dancer and survivor of the Allied bombing of Dresden, and Glenn, an American philosopher and war veteran. An ensemble of dancers, interactive video projections, and live music conjure up an entire universe emerging from a single small trunk: Plato’s allegory of the Cave; all-too-seductive military indoctrination; an adventurous modern dancer’s horrific flight through her burning city; the philosophy professor’s struggle to make sense of chaos; daily experience of contemporary drone pilots; the courtship of former “enemies” in postwar Munich; and a soldier’s epiphany upon nearly shooting his own reflection in an abandoned farmhouse in France. As the living memory of the older generations fade, The Warriors: A Love Story seeks to acknowledge the lives of those affected by war and honor the strength of those who act to end it.

Our minimum fundraising goal allows us to receive a $525 matching grant from New Mexico Arts and would cover a significant portion of what it costs to mount the show in Edinburgh, and if we are funded to the maximum goal, together with our other fundraising efforts, we will reach our full budget sooner and be able to devote even more time to refining the production for performance. We are grateful for any amount you can give and look forward to sharing the experience of the Fringe with you in the coming months. We especially appreciate if you can spread the word about our show and campaign by sharing this page to your network via social media or email. Remember, your donations are tax deductible—and the project is eligible for various matching funds at certain points in the process, during which your gift is effectively doubled. Thanks so much!

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