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This project was successfully funded on January 18, 2012

The Victory Project

by Ryan Ingebritsen


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Erica Mott is a movement based multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the intersection of dance, sculpture, set design, and video art. 

Ryan Ingebritsen is an interactive performer, sound artist and composer whose music and sound art focus on the multi-dimensional aspect of sound, creating musical structures in which perceptions of context are shifted by use of space or meta-structural shift of the material isteslf. 

The Victory Project is an evening length work that incorporates image, text, movement and elements of puppetry to dismantle body parts and allegories that confuse and conflate patriotism and perversity.  It is presented as a series of delicate and intimate duets between mundane objects and the human body awkwardly juxtaposed with visually arresting and sometimes disturbing chorus pieces creating darkly humorous shifts in tone and rhythm.

Personal and private acts are contrasted with global catastrophe: kneading dough/the first tests of the atomic bomb, sex/diplomatic negotiations, surfing the net/building drones, learning an intricate waltz with a third leg/going through a border check point.

 Currently, we seek a minimum of $5,000 for the further development of the Victory Project, funding opportunities to showcase the work at festivals around the world.  The project has been invited to such festivals as Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland and the Tokyo Experimental Festival as well as the Audio Art Festival in Krakow, Poland and an Experimental Festival in Slovenia.   Festivals, like Ingenuity and Tokyo Experimental, are essential to the development of the project because they approach innovation from many different perspectives.  Erica and I believe such festivals could open new and unexpected doors for future development and presentation of our project. 

 Many of these festivals provide limited funding, therefore, we need your help!  Please donate to the Victory Project and pass the word along.

 Thank you!

 Ryan Ingebritsen and Erica Mott

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