• Posted June 24, 2011
    Author: Zago Architecture
    I'm happy to announce that our USArtists Project, "The Suburbs are OK" has been successfully funded! Thank you all for your support, interest and encouragement. We just returned from our first public presentation at PS1 and it was a resounding success.

    Last Friday we spent the entire day in a closed door session in which each team presented to the show's organizers and each other. Saturday began with presentations to an outside jury including Henry Cobb, Michael Sorkin and Stan Allen. In the late afternoon, the studio doors at PS1 were opened to the general public. Several hundred people attended and each team made a short presentation and answered questions.

    We're working now towards our final PS1 presentation in mid-September and then the opening of the show at MoMA in Manhattan on February 14.

    You can see a video of our presentation at:


    and a discussion of all the proposals at:

  • Posted June 15, 2011
    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    As we enter the last few days of our project drive, we’re schlepping models and prints across the country and preparing powerpoints for our event at MoMA PS1 this weekend. If you’re in New York please come by for the public event this Saturday, June 18 from 4 to 6. We’ve been told by MoMA that there will also be a simulcast of our presentations – details and link to follow.

    This is just the first step of the project. We’ll continue working and developing our project over the summer with another event at PS1 in September. Then, the material will be finished and prepared for an exhibition at MoMA in Manhattan on February 14. mark your calendar!
  • Posted June 10, 2011
    Here's a link to the MoMA/PS1 blog site with images from the May event:

  • Posted June 04, 2011
    Author: Andrew Zago

    Both our project and our fund drive are off to a roaring start – but we have far to go with both. This past Thursday we presented work-in-progess in a virtual presentation and video conference with the other teams and the curators. We’ve made a strong start, having selected a site within Rialto California for our project, made extensive video documentation of typical residential streets within the city, laid out initial strategies for ecological and habitat systems, and crafted innovative mechanisms for subdivision layouts and financing. Most importantly, we’re developing novel forms and construction methods for suburban single family homes.

    Thanks again to all the generous donors. As of now, we are at 45% of our minimum goal AND we have just received a matching donation of $1500. That means any donation will be matched dollar for dollar, doubling your pledge and doubling your perks! Remember donations can be of ANY size.

    Soon, we’ll have our own project blog through PS1 and MoMA – we’ll provide a link on this page a soon as possible! There you’ll be able to see and hear more about our work in progress.

We think the suburbs are OK. They have problems and need to change but we don’t want to do away with them, we just want to make them better.