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This project was successfully funded on July 13, 2016

The Space Whale

by The Pier Group

The Pier Group (responsible for Embrace at Burning Man in 2014, and The Ship and Pier in 2011 and 2012) introduce our newest sculpture for Burningman 2016: The Space Whale!
The Space Whale is a monumental sculpture of two humpback whales constructed out of solid steel and stunning stained glass, the mother whale diving down to the Earth’s surface supported by her calf. They evoke the dynamic bond between child and parent, our intrinsic need to preserve our planet and our shared dreams as we look upon the stars. At 40-feet tall the pair appear to be visitors from afar diving through our atmosphere, adorned with Tiffany-inspired stained glass, glistening like gems in the sunlight.

We need your help to make this dream a reality. So far we have successfully raised over $120,000, which will cover the structure and some of the stained glass. However we need to raise another $25,000 to really make the whales sing! All the money that you donate will go directly to the project and help us get ready to send it around the world!

The whales are built around a steel superstructure. They are designed to look as though they are floating above our heads, with the entire support structure hidden in the mother’s fin and the body of the calf.

Android Jones will design the stained glass panels that cover both the mother and calf. Starting at the chin and continuing to the tip of the fluke, 1800 stained glass panels with over 200,000 individual pieces of glass tell the story of the birth of time and matter. The panels with develop the through the creation of life, the development of the mind, and project into the distant future. Each glass panel is incredibly durable, using a mix of traditional stained glass methods reinforced by a pair of CNC steel sheets, with environmentally friendly silicone replacing lead solder. Your help is paramount in this process. With your donations we can afford the glass that will adorn this beautiful crystalline behemoth.

Mother and calf will sing whale songs at a similar frequency and decibel as real humpbacks, creating an ethereal experience for participants. As viewers approach the sculpture they will feel the gentle songs move subsonically through their bodies and the surrounding earth. As the sun moves through the piece, beautiful refractive light will dance around the base of the whales, creating an ever-changing kaleidoscopic atmosphere. At night internal lights will guide participants through the story written in glass as they listen to physics lectures on space, matter and time. We will create a gathering place for scientists, artists, engineers and environmentalists to discuss the great ideas and marvel at the beauty of our natural world.

Reaching our goal of $20,000 will afford us the ability to finish The Space Whale, to give it the attention and polish it deserves. We are chasing a masterpiece and with your help we, together, will delivering on our dreams.The Space Whale is art for social and scientific change. A focal point to inspire the dreamers, thinkers and builders to convene, discuss and build our future.

Thank you for your time and your donation.

With love,

The Pier Group

PS: If you can't donate please consider sharing, or coming by The Generator in Sparks and lending a hand. We are having a lot of fun!

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