• Posted September 25, 2017
    Hello to our Beautiful Donors!!!!

    Wow! What an adventure! We touched back down to earth a couple weeks ago and are finally starting to get back to “normal”…though we are still cleaning playa out of the many pieces of the Solacii’s cloak and filing receipts :)

    The project was an absolute success! With our stellar build crew, we had one of the smoothest installs I’ve ever experienced (though the desert certain threw us a couple requisite curveballs), and seeing all the elements finally come together was a powerfully gratifying experience.

    From the weaving together of the cloak (which Anastazia continued to stitch and add to on playa even through the week of the event) to the dialing-in of pulsing lights and most especially refining the final composition of the soundscape that so fully immersed you in the somatic world of the Solacii, it was truly magical to feel this being come to life!

    We spent hours inside and around the Solacii - witnessing the awe-struck responses of folks who came to interact with the being, sharing our stories of its origins and mythology, listening to the interpretations of others who were meeting the Solacii for the first time, and enjoying our own immersion in the soothing ambiance of the piece.
    Throughout the chaos of the week that is Burning Man, the Solacii fulfilled their role as sanctuary - indeed offering a much-needed source of calm and solace and inspiration, as well as a literal safe haven in the midst of powerful and enduring dust storms. And we continue to receive messages from folks who have shared the role that the Solacii played in their personal healing experiences on the playa.

    We are SO SO grateful for the role that EACH OF YOU played in the realization of this project. Please know that you, yourself, were essential to the creation of an artwork that has already had a direct and substantial impact on the wellbeing of hundreds of people. Thank you!

    Your beautiful thank-you gifts are in production and will be sent out the beginning of October. Keep an eye out for your package (and if your mailing info has changed since this summer, please message us ASAP so we can adjust)

    As you know, the vision for the Solacii was never intended to end at Burning Man, and we are beginning to explore potentials for future installations and exhibition opportunities for the work (public community spaces, museums and art spaces, schools & other institutions, festivals and public events, etc). If you have any ideas (and preferably direct connections) for possible future opportunities, please drop us a line at thesolacii@gmail.com !!!

    We are also developing a new future-facing website for the project and are collecting “testimonials” from folks who have experienced the Solacii project in person. If you would like to share your experience, you can send a message to thesolacii@gmail.com ??

    Please enjoy some gorgeous images from our time on playa care of talented crew photographer Sari Blum

    All our enduring love,
    -:: Tigre and the Solacii Crew ::-
  • Posted August 15, 2017
    Hello Beautiful Backers,

    Wow it's been an wild ride! After a summer of frenzied fabrication, The Solacii has been loaded onto a truck and is bound for the playa to wait for us (it may already be resting there by the time you read this!) Many of our creative crew are heading up to Oregon for the solar eclipse and then we will be arriving on playa in one week to begin installation! Wowza.

    It is a surreal and beautiful moment we find ourselves in. In the midst of so much craziness and ugliness in the world, our faith in this project and the potential medicine it offers is fortified. We are so honored to be making this offering of Solace and Hope for the world.

    Your thank-you gifts are in production and will be sent out starting in September when we return from That Thing in the Dust.

    If you will be making out to Burning Man this year, please join us for our Opening Celebration on Monday evening around sunset, we are so excited to share this work with you!!!

    For now, please enjoy some beautiful images caught by our crew photographer Sari Blum of the final days of fabrication in the shop.

    )'( ?? The Solacii Crew ?? )'(
  • Posted July 10, 2017

    That’s wrap! Thank you everyone for your support. We are successfully 93% funded!!

    This has been an incredible journey. The support from each and every one of you, big and small, has helped in so many ways. Beyond just having the financial means to create this masterpiece, we know know that so many of you support us and believe in us. That’s the most rewarding part of doing a project like this. So, thank you!

    Perk Update
    For those of you who have perks such as T-shirts, hoodies and booty shorts, please expect an email & invite to fill out a google form soon from thesolacii@gmail.com We need to gather your sizes so we send in the orders for all The Solacii gear! Can’t wait to get dressed up head to toe in one-of-a-kind @Tigrebailando art!

    The Future of The Solacii
    If you have any suggestions or connections for how to further share The Solacii post-Burning Man we would love to hear from you. Our vision is to have The Solacii available as public art here in the Bay Area or beyond. This piece will not be burned on playa and will be temporarily stored until we find someone or somewhere to host or purchase it.

    Once again, thank you so much for supporting us! For those of you who will be joining us at Burning Man, come to the opening ceremony on Monday Evening at sunset (more details later).

    Stay in touch with us via facebook @TheSolacii. We’ll be continually posting progress photos up until the event and after!

    We love y'all.
    xo ~The Solacii Crew ~
  • Posted June 23, 2017

    Download Video: Closed Format: MP4 Open Format: OGG / WebM

    Hello Solacii Supporters!
    The Man burns in 72 days, and we've made lot's of progress on our project in the past few weeks and are feeling excited about our daily successes. Thus far, we have completed 1 casting of the face. Below is a trial of LED lights behind the translucent face. Isn't it pretty!! We are VERY happy with how things are turning out with the faces. We have also begun welding the second section of the body. There are 3 parts the steel structure. The creative challenge and joy of the second part is deciding the placement of the lines and where they curve and intersect. The lines symbolize the bones and veins of the body. These will be visible from the inner sanctum. We also received some great donations from the community for the cloak. A woman donated 2 wedding dresses, and 1 christening gown. We've also gathered a handful of old sheets, shirts, lace fabric, and baby blankets. These donations a huge part of this project, and we are actively seeking more!! We will be sewing all these garments and memories together to create the cloak of the Solacii. If you have anything white to donate, we'd love to take it!

    Lastly, we're still fundraising to reach out stretch goal of $25K. We're just about $3,000 short of our goal. The last $3k is a critical part of the budget going to help support the installation process. Please continue to share this project with those whom are interested and able to support us.
    Thank you so much for all your support.
    The Solacii Team
  • Posted June 10, 2017
    Today feels very complete. Looking back on our campaign we realize we started our campaign on a new moon in Taurus (April 26th) and wrapping up the campaign on a full moon in Sagittarius (June 9th.) The wisdom of the moons feel very relevant to the process of this campaign. The new moon in Taurus was an auspicious reading: “feeling the pulsating power of creative energy and that this new moon will give into that force that wants to be created next.” That creative energy wanting to be created was The Solacii. You all were the driving force in helping us follow the pulse. The combination of support and passion helped us all bring life to this creative vision. And now, “this full moon in Sagittarius marks the time to change direction. Therefore this full moon acts in part like a celebration of the work that we have done both as a result of and in spite of Saturn’s sometimes outrageous demands. Take pride in what you have been able to master while taking a big slice of humble pie to sustain you through the work you’ve yet to do.” In many ways, these readings say it better than we can. We are so humbled and grateful for the success of this campaign. Your support, your words of encouragement, you just believing in us has been some of the most fruitful gifts of this project. We are so proud of this accomplishment, because 2 months ago, it felt almost impossible. But now we are riding on the backs of the wings with your love and support and are turning a page to the next chapter. We have a lot more to do. The campaign is still accepting donations to help us reach our last $3K goal, we’re still seeking white clothing donations for the cloak, and we are still spending every day working and creating the structure for the piece. Now is the time to really dive deep into the creative pulse and make it happen. Thank you so much for all that you have done, and we now feel so strong and excited to continue forward on this journey.

    Please continue to share and support this project financially and energetically!
    A few ways you can still help us reach out last $3K goal:
    If you work for a company that does employee matching, Hatchfund is able to accept those types of donations.
    If you know anyone else who is inspired by this, please encourage them to donate. We're staying hopeful that we can get a few more friends to chip in.

    On another note, if your wanting more horoscope inspiration, we quoted the wise words from Chani Nicolas and suggest reading her often.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't have done this without you.
  • Posted June 06, 2017
    WOW! We surpassed our initial goal of $20K today! Thank you so deeply to each of you beautiful, inspired lovers of Art.
    As an artist, it is incredibly powerful to feel such a wellspring of support from my community, and from many who I have not (yet) met but are just moved by this shared vision.
    Thank you to everyone who has shared the project, who have hustled your friends and family to come on board, and those very generous folks who have added to their donation to help us reach this milestone.
    We have just a couple days left in the campaign and would love to make some significant strides towards our stretch goal of $25K. These additional funds will help us expand on some of our technical details (like even better lighting) as well as help to grease the wheels and make sure we are prepared for the inevitable curveballs always involved with bringing big art to Burning Man.
    In these next couple hours, we would be so grateful if you can continue to spread the word and encourage your networks to pitch in.
    We are so excited to create this magic WITH YOU.

    (Sorry for the lack of images today, there's been some exciting activity and I will share it soon!)

    All our Love.

    Tigre + the Solacii Crew
  • Posted May 17, 2017
    Right now is one of the more critical moments in our campaign. We have successfully raised $9,200 from 93 supporters on our Hatchfund Campaign within the first half of our campaign! We are amazed and are so grateful and honored by the tremendous support.

    In other humbling news, we’ve just received a gracious $5,000 donation from an anonymous donor! This $5,000 is donated as a $1 to $1 MatchFund challenge, which means that we need to raise $5,000 from the community to meet and match this generous donation.

    Can you help us get there? Tell your friends, share on social media, donate more because you want to :)

    Any amount you give will be doubled as long as the matching funds haven't run out, so your gift will go twice as far!
  • Posted May 07, 2017
    Hey there! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! This update was supposed to go out last week, but we hit some technical snags - We figured "better late than never" so here is some imagery of the progress we've made in the studio over the past week, and a little check-in video from Tigre linked below:


    The clay sculpt for the Solacii is very nearly done - it will be finished up today and then the silicone mold for it will be poured this week before pulling our first resin cast! Whoop!!
    The bottom section for the steel frame is also almost complete! We will be getting parts to start the middle section of the body this week. It's been a 3-person team in the shop so far and we've gotten into a really great flow - We are so grateful for Troy and Lucas's commitment and skill in this project.

    Oh! And if you are in the SF Bay Area, we are having a fundraising party on May 11th (this thursday). It's at Bissap Baobab, one of my favorite spots in San Francisco and is being put on in partnership with Foreign Relations. Tigre will be performing, along with another member of the build crew and some amazing friends of ours. Come through and shake some sacred booty with us!
    >> https://www.facebook.com/events/312788559154451/

    Thank you once more to all of you beautiful folks who believe in this project! We literally could not do this without you.
  • Posted May 01, 2017
    Beautiful Backers! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We sure did!

    We will be live-streaming our welding process for The Solacii from our metal shop on Treasure Island, SF today!

    Tune in to https://www.facebook.com/thesolacii/ at 2:30pm PST to check it out! <3
  • Posted April 28, 2017
    Hello my lovely supporters! Thank you once again for this amazingly strong start! Just a head's up: I'll be live-streaming the sculpting of the Solacii face from my studio via our FB page ( https://www.facebook.com/thesolacii/ ) starting in about half an hour - that's 7pm PST.

    Tune in if ya can!
  • Posted April 27, 2017
    Wow! Thank you so much! Thanks to y'all, we hit 14% of our total goal in the first 24 hours! Our soft launch was incredibly successful and we are now moving into our "Hard Launch"! Now is the time to blast this campaign out: Share with your networks on social media and beyond - Tell folks how excited you are about this project and how they can join in the community of amazing folks coming together to create this beautiful vision.
    We are overjoyed at the immediate outpouring of support from our friends and loved ones. Thank you!

    Let's keep this momentum Growing!!!

    Hope you all have a beautiful day!

    ps. that's the Solacii's head behind me, i'll be sculpting all day and will be opening a Live Feed of the process on facebook tonight, stay tuned :)

The Solacii is a new interactive art piece heading to Burning Man 2017 that combines elements of sculpture, temple, and responsive design.