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This project was successfully funded on June 8, 2017

The Solacii

by Tigre Bailando


UPDATE: Our 42-day campaign has been a huge success! 

The support from our community is incredibly encouraging and humbling.  We’ve surpassed our initial goal of $20K from 200 individual donors, and are now guaranteed all funds generated by the campaign.
Because we’ve successfully reached our initial goal, Hatchfund has graciously offered us an additional 30 days to reach our stretch goal of $25K. Our “stretch goal” isn’t a frivolous addition. It is a critical part of our project's budget. The last $5K will be used to purchase ideal sound and light technology, essential resources to support crew during installation, and resources to start developing further opportunities for The Solacii after Burning Man (a crucial component of this project.) 
This dream is becoming real thanks to all YOUR support. Let’s continue to ride this wave and get to our stretch goal so all our costs can be completely covered! 


Deep in the dusty desert, a solemn figure rises out of the ground

Dressed in a cloak of many memories, it’s glowing faces and hands beckon you forth

Approaching this mysterious being, you are invited to enter the sanctuary of its body

Cross the threshold.

Be soothed by the ambient textures of deep pulse and ancient breath

Share your story, and your voice becomes

that breath and that pulse

Spend time in solitude or in deep conversation

Meditate. Sing. Cry. Pray.

This is your refuge.


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What is The Solacii?

The Solacii is a new interactive art piece debuting at Burning Man 2017. The Solacii combines elements of sculpture, temple, and responsive design. Created as an empathic response to the uncertainties and challenges of our modern times, the Solacii offers sanctuary, holding us in our sorrow, rage, joy, and bewilderment.

The Solacii is a 21’ tall sculpture of an ancient being with many hands and faces that opens into a private sanctuary for travelers to use as a home for meditation, intimate gatherings, and personal ritual.


Mythology of The Solacii

In Tigre Bailando’s personal mythology, the Solacii are an ancient race of beings that have watched over the entirety of human existence with deep empathy and compassion - feeling every tragedy & every joy that has ever been experienced by humans individually and collectively. Normally existing outside the realm of human perception, this individual Solacii has made itself visible to humans in this moment in time to offer both comfort and inspiration, like the hope that comes with the rising of the sun at the end of a long and dark night.

The Solacii is a vision that's been years in the making, and the roots of it have been expressing themselves in many of Tigre Bailando’s projects at festivals and gatherings around the world. This project heading to Burning Man 2017 will be the largest and fullest manifestation of this ancient being to date.


What is the Solacii made of?

The Body

          welding_sm.jpg          metal_sm copy.jpg

The Solacii’s 21’ tall internal frame will be fabricated out of steel. Sculpted into sinuous curves, the intersecting lines of the steel pipe will be visible from within the piece - evoking the branching filigree of veins or mycelium, it represents the inner architecture of a transdimensional humanoid.

The diameter of the sanctuary will be 8 feet, enough to fit about 7 people comfortably in conversation (and plenty more if you snuggle!)

The Faces & Hands


The Solacii will have multiple faces turning ever towards the sunrise, and many hands welcoming and beckoning you forth.

Hand-sculpted and cast in translucent resin, the faces and hands will be internally illuminated with dynamic, moving lights that shine in the night like a beacon for weary travelers.   


The Cloak


          cloak2.jpg                cloak1.jpg

The Solacii will be clothed in an intricate white cloak of many layers and textures, crafted by Anastazia Louise Aranaga, from deconstructed garments and heirlooms - personal items gathered from the community, symbolizing the collective memories and stories of the human race.

We are actively seeking garment donations and would love for YOU to get involved! White and off-white/cream items only please, with a preference for lighter-weight items that have a good sense of flow, rather than very heavy sweaters, etc.

We are especially interested in items that have a significance to you (shirt/dress or a deceased relative or friend, old baby clothes, a personal item of yours that still holds meaning but you are ready to part with)

Donations of garments can be sent to:

Bad Unkl Sista

111 Bank Street #243

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Please include a note about the garment(s) and it/their significance to you! Thank you!


The Inner Sanctuary

Both cozy and cathedral-like, inside the sanctum, visitors are immersed in the sonic landscape of the Solacii’s ancient, transdimensional body.

Creating a ritual space through interactive technology, the internal space transmutes the voices and stories of those who have taken refuge within - abstracted to become the somatic textures of pulse and breath. Your voice, your vulnerabilities, become the sanctuary to comfort those who will come after you

The Sounds

The sanctuary within The Solacii will be infused with an ambient soundscape evoking the expansive rhythms and textures of the inner body of an ancient being - pulse, breath, the moving of fluid & bones...This rich inner world is being designed and engineered by Goyo Aranaga

This soundscape will be responsive and constantly changing: subtle interactive technology will use microphones to record the voices and ambient sounds within the sanctuary and transmute these into the immersive environment around you.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with this environment by sharing stories, conversation, and song. Your voice, your vulnerabilities, become the sanctuary to comfort those who will come after you.



What we need to make this happen

Creating the Solacii will cost $36K.

We are grateful to the Burning Man Project for an $11K grant to help us realize our vision.

We are seeking an additional $25K to bring The Solacii to life.


$21K Materials / Fabrication

$4k Tech / Power

$7K Transportation / Installation

$3K Operations / Fundraising costs


The Artists

Tigre Bailando is a professional installation artist creating sacred spaces and reverent sculptures at festivals and cultural gatherings across the country and around the world for 5 years. Tigre seeks to awaken people's humanity by remixing the ancient motifs of myth and ritual with the complexities of contemporary existence.

Anastazia Louise Aranaga has 3 decades experience fusing couture costume design, performance and installation art. By weaving together found objects, deconstructed garments, and a sculptural approach to fabric, Anastazia creates experiential pieces that strive to convey the sacred within the mundane.

Goyo Aranaga has been creating music and sound art for over 20 years. Integrating a global range of instruments and sounds, Goyo produces profound sonic exeriences that carry listeners on a journey to other worlds.


What we offer you in gratitude...

We have a range of beautiful creations and experiences to offer in gratitude for your contributions to our project.

From wearable representations of The Solacii, to exclusive digital content, to limited handmade artworks, we are excited to share many ways for you to take a piece of The Solacii home with you...

Some of the Solacii Swag on offer include:

     stickers!sticker_300.png    stickerW_300.png

SPECIAL LIMITED RUN PERK!! Adorn your "Inner Sanctum" with super fresh Solacii booty shorts! Perfect for dusty summertime romps. Available in Men's and Women's fit. Printed locally (design on back) + receive the vinyl sticker set! 

                       shirt.pngtshirts!                                   hoodies!hoodie_500.png

We're also curating a beautiful selection of exclusive audio content for you, including a special extended mix of the ambient soundscape created by Goyo that will activate the inner sanctuary of the Solacii. Wrap yourself in the somatic sounds of the Solacii wherever you go!

We have created an exclusive packet of guided meditations recorded exclusively for our backers by a powerhouse quartet of incredible healers + teachers: Lindsay Foreman, Vyana Ma, Maryam Hasnaa & Sophia Wiseone. These women are each dynamic and we are very excited to share their wisdom and guidance with our community.

For the serious and aspiring art collectors out there, choose from a limited array of original handmade artworks inspired by the Solacii Project, including ink drawings, canvas paintings, custom home altars, and a human-scale Solacii cloak created by Staz from the same materials used for the full-size piece!

This is a very special way to collect some one-of-a-kind artwork, with a tax-deduction to boot!


Check out the Project Perks on the right to see all of our special offerings.


ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE: "Hatchfund, powered by AIM, is a charitable organization with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption status."


Food for Thought...

"If it were possible to personify the unconscious, we might think of it as a collective human being combining the characteristics of both sexes, transcending youth and age, birth and death, and from having at its command a human experience of one or two million years, practically immortal. If such a being existed, it would be exalted above all temporal change, the present would mean neither more nor less to it than any year in the hundredth millennium before Christ, it would be a dreamer of age-old dreams and, owing to its limitless experience, an incomparable prognosticator. It would have lived countless times over again the life of the individual, the family, the tribe, and the nation, and it wouls possess a living sense of rhythm of growth, flowering, and decay." - C. G. Jung


                                 Help us bring the Solacii to Life. Thank you for your support!



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