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This project was successfully funded on December 13, 2017

The Skulltruck mobile art project

by Steve


  Hello. My name is Steve Conroy, and I have been sketching, drawing, cartooning, doodling and creating ever since I can remember. Charles M. Schulz was my Superhero when I was a kid. Drawing and creating became a passion, a way to escape from the daily grind. I make it a goal to draw, sketch or create something every day. I went from black and white drawings to bright colorful cartoon paintings on canvas, creating all sorts of characters including cats, dogs, fish, bears, bunnies, squirrels and of course... SKULLS. Some folks have asked me: "Why the skulls?" My reply is: "I enjoy the simplicity of the shape and yet the distinct individuality of each skull. Every skull is different".  This may be why the skull makes a great subject for all ages to create. 

   A few years ago, I acquired a white utility truck that just "screamed" for me to paint on it. Skulls seemed to be the perfect subject of course. So I began to draw the skulls on the truck by hand with an oil-based marker. It has been a lot of work so far (over 50 hours of drawing so far) and there are ways to go.

My original idea was to use the Skulltruck to promote my art and to be a place to store my art displays and art supplies. But, I felt I could do so much more. I could use the Skulltruck to not only promote and sell my art, but I can use it to share my skills and passion for creating art. The Skulltruck Mobile Art Project will be a traveling pop up art show as well as a mobile Cartoon Skull painting class. Sharing with people of all ages the joy of creating their own original cartoon skull painting.

   It's going to take a lot of supplies, promotion, travel and equipment to make the Skulltruck Mobile Art project agreat success.  A stellar website, promoting the Mobile art project and updating the Skulltrucks location will need to be up and running asap. The website will also display art, merchandise and followers comments and their personal Skulltruck selfies (Skullfies) documenting all the great places the Skulltruck has been and will go. Supplies for the classes, such as Paints, canvas, pencils, brushes, paper, cleaning supplies and more, will need to be purchased and maintained.  Equipment like, Tables, chairs, signage, and a canopy will need to be purchased. Sales of T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and mugs will help sustain the life and help promote the Skulltruck Mobile Art project.

  The $4,000 that I am requesting, will go towards these things and more. Often people don't take the time or parents don't have the resources to sit down and create something unique and special. Together we can bring the resources and techniques to them. The Skulltruck Mobile Art project will make creating fun, easy and approachable, With your support, The Skulltruck Mobile Art Project will bring, Art, Fun, and Creativity wherever it goes.

  I have recently set up the Skulltruck mobile Art Project at a small local farmers market. People were very curious about the project and wanted to get involved. I was able to instruct a few students in creating their very own Cartoon art painting with great success. One woman told me, " Skulls aren't really my thing, but I certainly will support your idea..."      A young girl said " Skulls are cool"     and at the end of the day a nice young  woman who works at the market said," I hope to see the Skulltruck again next week!"  

  Thank you for checking out this project and I hope you feel moved enough to be a part of it. With your support, we can encourage people of all ages to create and enjoy art., 


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