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This project was successfully funded on December 23, 2017

The Sabbatical

by Dan Higbee


         First, we’d like to introduce ourselves: We are Fred Brown, Caitlin Collins, Dan Higbee, Michaela Moore, and Martha Stuckey. Thank you for your interest in our show!

Brought together as collaborators as a part of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training and University of the Arts MFA program in Devised Theatre, we created, produced, and performed The Sabbatical as our graduate thesis performance in December of 2016.  

The Sabbatical is an original work of theater chronicling the lives of the members of a small church congregation. As the stories of their lives intersect, we see these characters struggle with their place in the world, the pitfalls and assurances that come with faith, and the limits of forgiveness. The Sabbatical uses theatrical simplicity, original music, and dance  to explore these themes.

When we began creating The Sabbatical, we were brought together by a shared desire to examine what it means to hold sincere and earnest beliefs, to use music as a storytelling device, and to explore character studies of people with genuine faith. We were drawn to creating a piece about a small church community because of it is a place where these things coexist: music, characters, and sincerity. The Sabbatical avoids at all costs the kinds of cynicism, derisiveness, and scorn that characterize much of our public discourse in the United States today. Indeed, we believe that all human beings share, as our characters do in this piece, feelings of doubt, hope, grief, and loneliness and that the struggle to express these feelings, whether privately or publicly, is universal.

We will present The Sabbatical as a co-production with Plays & Players Theatre Company (1714 Delancey Pl, Philadelphia, PA 19103) on their mainstage in January 2018. We are pleased to have acquired $3,500 of our budget goal. We need help to complete the rest of our fundraising and achieve our goal so that we can successfully produce this production of The Sabbatical. The funds raised by this campaign will go towards the payment of our incredible artistic staff, towards the props, costumes, promotion, and more. Any additional funds will go toward future iterations and productions of the piece. For example, we’re excited to take The Sabbatical to the University of West Florida in March 2018.

Anything that you give makes a difference. $1 helps. $1000 helps. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible through Hatchfund. Also, please share this with friends and family or anyone who you think would be excited to help us achieve our goal.

We thank you in advance for giving to our project and helping to support our art.

Martha, Michaela, Dan, Caitlin, and Fred