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This project was successfully funded on June 20, 2017

The Renovation at On the Boards with Gender Tender

by Syniva Whitney


Architectural drag. House flipping dance. A shapeshifting crew transforms the space. Queering the past and future of OtB and the developing landscape of Seattle...The Renovation at On the Boards is Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender's latest performance project!

What if nothing was impossible? What if we insist on being the change we want to see in the world even if nothing changes? As a performance maker I have run with this concept and enlisted a crew of talented Seattle artists to join me in creating the latest showing of The Renovation, an impossible Do-It-Yourself inspired makeover show, presented at On the Boards during the 2017 Northwest New Works Festival on June 17th and 18th . The cast includes Will Courtney, Christine Abdale, Hendri Walujo, Sara Ann Davidson, Kathryn Hightower, Eli Steffen and myself with lighting design by Kyle Soble.

It is an honor to work with this brilliant cast creating work I love to make and that I'm so excited to share with you. We have done other versions of The Renovation and are so excited to add this one to the series. We workshopped a version during REset at Washington Ensemble Theater last fall and we Renovated Velocity Dance Center during Next Fest NW last December thanks to the support and opportunity provided by Tonya Lockyer and the Velocity staff. These opportunities have helped the work flourish in a way i never imagined it could.  I think of The Renovation as an episodic adventure, a bit like a visual artist approaches a continuing body of work, this performance series continues to morph and expand given the influence of the unique location it finds itself in.

Fusing my interest in site specific installation ( I have created many new sculptural art objects for the show), transgender and queer-centric dance techniques and stand up comedy, The Renovation is an investigation of contemporary performance culture and the gentrify or die vibe currently running rampant in Seattle. This version happening on the main stage at On the Boards, a respected arts presenter, is the most spectacular site specific send up of house flipping tv shows I’ve put on yet and I need your help to make it happen!

Our minimum goal is what we need in order to:

-pay the 7 of us performers 400 dollars/each. An honorarium for 4-6 months of rehearsals and the full weekend of performances

-pay our lighting designer 300 dollars for his artistry

-pay a videographer 300 dollars for equipment rental and documentaction of the performance 

On the Boards has provided partial funding, rehearsal space and marketing and technical support. I have also received in-kind donations of services from Vanessa DeWolf, our artist consultant, and we have received rehearsal space from Studio Current thanks to artistic director kt shores. I still need your help in paying the 7 other artists involved an honorarium for their time and commitment. That's what the minimum goal will help me do. Anything beyond that goes towards paying for the art materials i needed to build all the new sculptural pieces especially for On the Boards as well as a few costume pieces. If we make our stretch goal, you'll be paying me for my time and work during the last 6 months wearing the many hats of choreographer, visual artist, writer, original music composer and director...i love these many jobs and my cast comes first as far as payment, but if you can i want you to know that additional funding would feed back into my continuing efforts to support myself and my livelihood as an artist intent on making Gender Tender's dream of The Renovation at On the Boards come true.

 I'm so excited to share this performance with you in June and I appreciate your interest and support, we couldn't do it without you!  I think we need art now more than ever to continue imagining a better future for ourselves and our communities at large. I love what I do and I value your support so much. Thank you for your donation, all your gifts big or small mean the world to me and my crew.

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    • May 14, 2017 Syniva Whitney Artist

      Ahhh! thank you early bird supporters SO MUCH, I can't believe it's only been live for a little over a day since the word got out and we are almost at our soft launch goal of $800. Thank you!