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This project was successfully funded on July 11, 2017

The Perpetuity of Childhood Memories

by Anh


The Artist:

Anh, 32, was originally from Vietnam.  When she was 4 or 5, her family had suffered a split because of the bankruptcy of her parents, due to the aftermath of Doi Moi (1). All of the properties was sold, including furniture, and Anh was sent to Saigon to stay with her grandparents. Since then, she grew up without seeing her mom and dad recurrently, as each member of her family had to live in different regions. During this time, her grandmother - who was a craft teacher in a junior high school - took care of her with a rough discipline. Anh’s grandmother seriously believed that a youngster must be accomplished at doing her housework, so she trained her to cook, sew, embroider, paint and make handcrafted art pieces at such a young age. Recalling the past, Anh confesses it was a very hard time of her life and she always craves of a joyful childhood, where she could be spoilt by her parents and enjoy all the fun children games with her siblings.


The Idea:

This project is a series of paintings about childhood memories of a lonesome person, an adult, a young woman, who always obsessed with the childhood that she left behind over twenty years ago. It was a sad and solitude period of time that she always wants to forget; but at the same time, she always wants to come back to plunge into it again. The paintings are the infinite stream of memories where she could relive her childhood and enjoy it to the fullest; as in fact, such childhood she never, ever had. The message in this art project is very clear and bold: parents should value and appreciate the childhood of their children, because it is a one way ticket. Time does fly and when children are all grown up, the most precious thing that they’d forever cherish is the joyful memories of their childhood. Those moments are always the valuable present - and never expensive - that every child should be gifted from their parents, no matter how life is tough out there.


The Project:

The project will comprise of 12 to 15 paintings, up to 18 paintings if time and budget allowed. The paintings will be made by mixed-media materials, in which ‘childhood’– the principal idea – is depicted through different facets of thoughts and memories, and wish, and dream of a grown adult, a young woman. By using mixed-medias, the paintings will be deepened at their most possible prolific senses of real life: it can be applied with dried branches, or sewing thread, buttons, recycle poly bag, or wire, or even with toilet paper. Through creativity and passion, an artist can transform and convert anything – literally – ‘anything’, into a form of mixed-media piece of art. Art is immense, and the forms of art are borderless.



The Timeframe and Method:

The project requires approximate 4 months to be completed. At first, paintings are formed with various kinds of mixed-medias. These materials are glued and mounted piece by piece onto the canvas and shaped into three-dimensional objects. After parched, the objects will be heightened with double or triple layers and lastly coated with gouache – a powder form of watercolor. Finish touch can be more layers of mixed-medias, or more gouache, depend on how the artsy mood strikes.



The Funding:

A fundraising goal of a minimum amount of $5000 is expected to complete this project and put the paintings into an exhibition. The probable venue is a gallery in Soho, and budget are broken down as below:

Cost of materials: appx. $180 per painting - including canvas, gouache, mixed-medias, and glue. Total of $2,200 for 12 pieces.

Framing (with glass): $150 per painting. Total of $1800 for 12 pieces.

Labors for packing, handling, transportation, assembling for the exhibition: $1,000.

Total amount: $5000.

If the project is luckily overfunded, then the amount will be invested into creating more paintings.

The Wish:

“As an emerging artist who is attempting to create art in an unusual approach, I love to present the ‘borderless’ art which through it, you’d wish you could touch a finger to the childhood memories of yourself – or you could see the images of your own children’s – yet deep and sharp. Nevertheless, this project cannot be done without your kind support. I am excited to make my greatest wish come true.

I Thank You a million time and forever cherish your generosity.”


I am inviting you to explore more artworks that I've created over many years until now, posted on my Instagram: @annh_theworks


(1) Doi Moi: ??i M?i, (pronounced [?o?i m???i]; English: Renovation) is the name given to the economic reforms initiated in Vietnam in 1986 with the goal of creating a "socialist-oriented market economy".

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