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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2017

The People's Republic of Valerie

by Kristen Kosmas


"In the Bright Future, the environmental rampage will have ended, amnesty will be given to all those who return to their senses, and it will be said, We are not free yet, but we are on our way!"

I began writing The People's Republic of Valerie in earnest in the summer of 2014, in response, frankly, to the seemingly endless onslaught of horrific national and world events. Like many people, I've been feeling tremendous despair, despondency, grief, and rage. Like many people, I've been wanting to transform those feelings into something of value, into positive action, into something of beauty that might uplift and create space and occasion for imagination and community. This production— at On the Boards in May, 2017— is the result of those efforts of transformation. 

On an asterism situated between two constellations in a universe not far from this one, a motley assortment of well-meaning but ineffectual people— who have been psychically kidnapped— train and prepare for the Bright Future, an almost-utopia they will eventually be deployed to enact back on planet Earth. The People’s Republic of Valerie is part boot-camp space-travel memoir, part how-to manual for the community to construct a paradise— even if only in their own minds.

In my twenty-five years of theater-making, this is by far my most ambitious project. The content is far-reaching, and the creative team is the largest that's ever been assembled to realize one of my texts. I have always relied solely on performance and commissioning fees to make my work, but I need your help with this one so that I can pay the incredible team of collaborators who have come together around this production. 

The total budget for this work is $40,000. Almost 90% of the total budget is allocated to paying artists. On the Boards has provided me with countless residency hours and rehearsal space, as well as generous funding through its Performance Production Program. Several individual donors are also contributing and assisting me in additional fundraising efforts, but I'm seeking to raise $6500 through this Hatchfund campaign, all of which will go toward paying the artists. The artists are exceptional, and it's essential that they are paid appropriately for their very important work. I hope you will feel inspired to help me attain this relatively humble goal. 

The People's Republic of Valerie will be performed by Matt Aguayo, Jessica Cerullo, Anna Kasabyan, Kristen Kosmas, Brandon J. Simmons, Kelly Morgan Stevens, and Ray Tagavilla. It is directed by Paul Budraitis. Scenic Design is by Peter Ksander, Wardrobe Design by Mary Anne Carter, Sound Design by Evan Mosher, Cartography by Leon Finley, and Tania Kupczak is the Technical Director.  

If you are unable to make a financial contribution, I hope you will consider sharing this campaign on your social media. Everything helps— including spreading the word! 

Thank you so much, and I hope to see you at the show!




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