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This project was successfully funded on April 3, 2017

The paper caves

by Samuelle Green


The Paper Caves Project:

There is structure and design inherent in nature which we constantly draw from and take for granted. I'm always interested in the objects we pass by every day and fail to take a second look at despite the skill, time, and intricacy represented by each : a birds' nest, a beehive, spiderwebs, rock formations, wasp nests, anthills, feathers, and countless others. My interest is in designing and making objects, paintings, and drawings that echo these things found in nature and explore the interactions between nature and the man-made world.

For the past few years I have been dedicating my time and resources to renovating an 1800s brick building where I created 'basin and main' which is a venue, art gallery, and creative project space. Hopefully, any of you who know me have been able to attend one of the number of musicial performances, supper clubs, and art shows I have hosted. Now, I am excited to have an opportunity to present my own work there. I would be so appreciative of anyone who could help me make this happen!

The project I am currently planning is reminiscent of these structures created by nature. "The Paper Caves" will be situated inside the 2000sq.ft. ground floor of 'basin and main'. Upon entering the otherworldly space comprised of intricately placed cones of paper, viewers will be aware of the amount of time and work involved in the creation of "The Paper Caves" and liken it to often overlooked art forms in nature. Viewers will wind through the space that has been completely encompassed in paper discovering formations and chambers within. When exploring the installation my hope is to, in some small way, persuade viewers to rethink the way they experience their everyday lives, and hope they will take a closer look at and appreciate things they normally pass by. My hope is, with your help, to complete this project and have it on public view for summer 2017.

I am seeking funding to complete this large scale sculptural project that I have been contemplating and making studies for. The donated money would be used for the cost of the space for three months of working and one month of an exhibition that would be open to the public as well as an opening reception. (Approx. $2800) The bulk of the donations would go to the materials needed to create this work. Things such as wood and metal for the structural armature, wire, rope, hardware, lighting, canvas, and countless amounts of paper and glue! (approx. $5800) The extremely labor-intensive part of this work will also require assistants as well as being a full time job for myself. (approx. $3600). My goal is to raise a minimum of $8400 to realize this project. However, the more funds I am able to raise the more intricate this project can become! I'm so excited to see the paper caves take form and grow thanks to your generosity!!! Remember, any donation from you or from friends and colleagues you’d be willing to pass this proposal on to, is incredibly helpful!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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