The Next Him

by Nico Camargo


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The Next Him will be a short film that forms part of a larger undertaking called Next Human Project. This undertaking looks at the arc of time, rejecting banality, fads, and cynicism. We are at the beginning of a new millennium, a perfect moment to redefine our collective goals for this century, and for the next thousand years. But, to achieve any common goals for our civilization (or even to have a future at all) we must first identify the root of our deepest problems.

Next Human Project is a multimedia, interdisciplinary movement based on a manifesto condemning machismo and patriarchy in all societies. As a solution, the project presents an allegory of human idealism, for it is a practical parallel to frame “how we should be instead.” This allegory illustrates the future evolutionary metamorphosis of our own species and it is characterized by the many virtues inherent to femininity and motherhood. Furthermore, Next Human Project offers a far-reaching—yet possible to attain—prescription, extrapolated from a long list of references in scientific and technological research published by distinguished universities, institutions, and thinkers of our time.

The short film, The Next Him, will show (or introduce to) the viewer an androgynous figure showcasing a new kind of masculinity. Formally, I will draw from religious portraiture of the Baroque and Romantic periods to effectively present the figure with reverence and self-importance. The aesthetic use of rich detail and complex patterns in his garment, along with sensuality and subtle—seemingly spontaneous—gestures of the body, will draw an attractive scene to engage the viewer’s full attention. High production and image quality are imperative to conveying the project’s message clearly.

Collaboration from dedicated artists of different disciplines will be the keystone of this endeavor. Thus, funding the making of the garment, equipment rental, crew, post-production, artists' fees, as well as miscellaneous and other unexpected expenditures will be needed. The Next Him is a big idea for a short film with lofty hopes, but your support can unleash its full potential, and maybe—just maybe—help our species progress.

    • April 20, 2013 Deborah Hirshfield Community Member

      Is it just me or does this seem slightly misogynistic?

      • April 21, 2013 Nico Camargo Artist

        Misogyny is the polar opposite of what The Next Him and the rest of the project is about. However, Next Human Project is meant to be a collaborative effort, so please let me know how can we improve its message. Thanks for your comment.